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Joining up as a Logistics Officer?


Hi All,

Thought I'd shoot off a post as this is something I have been thinking about over the last few months and would appreciate some further thoughts before speaking to the AFCO. My local AFCO is good, but they prefer people to have things a bit more squared away in their head before speaking to them - at least that was my experience 3 years ago when I was applying to join the RNR.

Current Situation
27 (soon to be 28)
Member of the RNR (new entry rating, due to complete confirmation in a few months so no branch training yet)
Humanities degree

I've always wanted to join the Navy, but life commitments made me think that this wouldn't be possible full-time so I joined the RNR. It was a bit of a painful process (thanks Capita!) but last year I finally got in and have been training ever since, completing MAR, NMT and other bits and pieces as I go through the INT pipeline. However, I've come to realise that I really want to join the RN full-time and the best option for me - having spoken to other Reservists and using the RN website - looks like going in as an officer in the Logistics branch, as I believe all the engineering officer roles require a degree in that area.

With a humanities degree at my age, there doesn't seem like a whole lot of options apart from TMO and they state that there are only a few limited places for those with a humanities background. Surface fleet is my preference as I don't think my other half could handle me joining the RN and then being deployed on submarines due to the 'life' balance aspect of it.

Based off this, I have a few questions I was hoping the board could help with before I go in and speak to AFCO:

The questions

- Am I being realistic by focusing solely on Logistics? Is there another branch that I have ruled out (I know for sure that I'm not suitable for being a bish or an environmental officer)?

- Is the Logistics branch oversubscribed? Having taken 2.5 years to actually start in the RNR from application to training, I'm afraid of applying and then not starting until I'm 30-31 which 'feels' too late in life. This is part of the reason why I'm ruling out TMO as I feel like my humanities degree would hold back my entry date.

I have been using this board on and off over the years, and have used the search function, but was unable to find recent information that would help me clarify the above before speaking to AFCO. If anyone is able to help, I'd greatly appreciate it, or if anyone has gone through a similar process at my age I'd be grateful for their insight as well.

A huge thank you in advance,


bon mot


I am a loggie, but these kinds of questions are probably best answered by your afco in the first instance. What I would say is that I can recommend the branch and you could still have a good career as many of our officers join a touch older. Best advice would be to chat to your afco - they will know best on lead time etc etc




I'm currently applying for Logistics officer - after my RT, I was advised I could be looking at a November entry to BRNC, if all went well with my application - this may have already changed, my RT was early January. I was told it was extremely competitive so would need a high score at AIB - but there was no mention of a major backlog - hope this helps a little, but your AFCO will be able to give you more reliable information!


Thanks guys, useful next step advice and a bit of reassurance! I've reached out to my AFCO who are putting me in touch with the officer careers liaison centre to help talk me through the different roles.


Hi all,

Just thought I'd post an update given that it's been a few months down the line. My AFCO put me in touch with two officers (loggie and a schoolie) who I met and was able to bombard with a folder full of questions. They were both very helpful and did a lot to highlight why their branch is best. I'd heartily recommend asking your AFCO for a similar opportunity.

End result - went for TMO, it sounds like an awesome role that they haven't really 'sold' properly on the website or the FAQ doc, so very glad I had that chat. Have since completed recruit test, medical, PJFT and my SIFT. Now just waiting for an AIB date which I am planning on smashing so that I can get my career started as soon as possible.

If anyone has any q's about the TMO pipeline, I'd be happy to help, or any other questions regarding what I've been through. I realise it can be a bit daunting and especially for schoolies, the info is a bit scattered compared to the more popular branches such as warfare.

Fingers and toes crossed for now.

Hi all,

TMO, it sounds like an awesome role that they haven't really 'sold' properly on the website or the FAQ doc

To the OP, all I'd say is proceed with caution. I'm not anti schoolie - I actually tried very hard to branch change into it from warfare while I was serving (even to the extent when that didn't come off of trying for the Army equivalent). I did also of course know by that stage what it was I was trying to sign up to (and back then there were more seagoing billets).

But of course a schoolie would have a vested interest in telling you it's awesome - so awesome the whole branch lives under a perpetual cloud of closure/civilianisation. It's also true that there are really good jobs available in it - but they are a bit like diamonds in the rough.


Bit like being in the RNR, then.....

Shots fired!

But in all seriousness, it is a branch with very little sea time. There are only around 200 officers in it, with the main seagoing role being the NETO which is itself very limited in sea time - the Lt I spoke to said that the QE's would have a max of 2 each for example. However there will be some opportunities there which I hope to take advantage of, but it's the scope of the role and the challenged associated with that which appeals to me most. The opportunity to get a green lid is also v. appealing, but I've yet to meet anyone who can really explain the benefits of having it and working with the Booties beyond the respect it musters.


War Hero
The opportunity to get a green lid is also v. appealing, but I've yet to meet anyone who can really explain the benefits of having it and working with the Booties beyond the respect it musters.
Me neither.

There are TMO's serving in support of 3 Cdo, so assuming you can be spared to undertake AACC it is feasible to complete the All Arms Commando Course

...then ask yourself - was the person telling you this wearing a green beret. ;)
From a cost/benefit point of view you could extrapolate the argument about working with Royal through to everything else they do though - why does it need to be someone in a naval uniform? If they go to sea then why not engage them on similar TORs to the CanMan/Ass (although presumably in the wardroom)?

I wonder what odds you can get on the branch surviving the next SDR - to be honest I thought it was a ballsy call coming out of the E(TM)'s E umbrella.... It must be ripe for contracterisation (and I wanted to be one). I know all the arguments about why we need schoolies (and agree with most of them), but they must be pretty close to the front of the sacrificed-for-savings queue by now.


Exactly, everyone I spoke to didn't have one :p my ALCO is a Bootie and was able to talk about the EL3R work TMOs did with them, but he advised me to wait until ABLE to see if I enjoyed greenwork. Having done the Dartmoor 20km during my RNR training, it may be a bit hit or miss!
Hi all,

I am seriously considering a career change and given my background to date (and age) Logistics Officer looks the branch for me. However, I am 30 years old and so I am trying to establish what a new career might look like for someone joining at my age, and even whether joining at my age is a sensible idea, given that if everything went really smoothly I would have a Dartmouth starting age of 31.

I have contacted the AFCO and will be speaking to them soon face-to-face. Any advice gratefully received.


Not sure if this is helpful, but i'lll be 28/29 starting (if I pass AIB later this year and get a start date within the next 12 months).

I've been told the service values those greatly with a little real world experience, some of which is the skills and interaction we can bring across but also the fact we have a bit more of a sensible head- we've dealt with 'office' environments and the politics they bring. I still wonder how my interaction is going to be with those 8-10 years younger than me, but my RNR experience to date says it should be negligible as we're all starting off at the same point of the learning curve and egos are checked.

From a family POV I found the decision making process harder. I'm lucky in that I don't have many ties - no family beyond my wife, no debt or mortgage/property, but I know it can weigh on some - you're better aware of the real world consequences of throwing it all in and doing something completely new. The decision making was harder given my age, but better (I feel) because I was able to bring my wife along on my journey to date so she knows what's coming up, and can share in my excitement.

My advice would be speak to the AFCO about any questions or concerns you may have - there's no such thing as a stupid question and it all prepares you better. But also speak to current serving members - they've been in it long enough to give you a far better perspective than the brochures. I know my career won't go as 'far' given my age, but do know that I can still make an impact in a role that appeals to me greatly.

This of course may change post-BRNC/training, but it's the decision making process I've taken so far that has led me to taking this journey.

Hope it helps.
Thank you. How long has the process taken you so far? I have 20 months until I hit 32, the upper age limit for Logistics. I need to manage my own expectations.

I also understand I won't go as "far", but I have a good 25 years in me until I'm 55 and do feel I can offer something of real value.


It's slow. I applied back in Feb, have my AIB towards the end of this year - and this is passing everything first time. Hopefully start in Jan, but that depends on branch need and AIB score...

I'd advise sticking your application in ASAP. If you decide it's not for you, withdraw, but at least you'll have a head start. The bit that really holds you up is your medical - I advise going to your GP before it and asking for your complete medical history and notes, should cost you around £10 but will dave you months of heartache with Capita. My RNR application was held up for 2 years because of it, but because I had my stuff sorted and prepared with all my medical notes for my Regular application - passed first time.

Your AFCO will be able to give you a better picture, but the above is based on my experience and talking to others.


Just to add - my medical was an absolute horror story and in no way representative of the 'normal' amount of time it takes. However it is a common stumbling block and one that can be better overcome with preparation. I dont think the AFCOs do a good enough job briefing people on it and what to expect or how to prepare.
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