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Civvie dad

After a couple months of gaining information off here and teaching my 16year old hydraulics and compression ignition engines he passed his interview today , as I was ear wigging outside his room the CA said it was a very strong interview and we as parents should be proud , he’s on top of the world now , the only thing that was said to him as he’s quite a talented Thai boxer no more fights until after he’s finished his training due to the high probability of injury , but he was straight away on the net to find the RN Thai boxing club for after he’s completed part 1&2 training


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I can't remember the name of the block but I was at Collingrad for most of 1974 and the Iranians set fire to it by cooking in the messes in the middle of the night during Ramadan.
Barflour or something like that?
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Nile, yes still damaged when I got there in 77, so before my time.
Something to do with gash chutes?
I believe so.
Not uncommon - one night when I was duty fire party we were called out to a gash chute fire.
It was dealt with by the discoverer so minimal damage but could have been much worse.
I think they banned the use of gash chutes after that.


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I think I was in Matapan block, the name resonates anyway (swidt :) ). I was one of four OE's in CE school for some reason.

I do remember one fire in a block where the fire party were dragging the fire trolley from the main gate area and were overtaken on the parade ground by Fareham fire brigade :D

The fire landrover from Ganges was brought down to replace the trolley when Ganges shutdown.


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The fire landrover from Ganges was brought down to replace the trolley when Ganges shutdown.
We still had to drag the trolley around though.
When Traf block was finished - all shiny and new - there was the old fire trolley sat outside. Not so far to drag it though!!


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I found this but I couldn't copy the pics.

There was also this: :D



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Sultan had a trailer pump the type usually towed by a landrover. By the time you got there you were too knackered to do anything other than gasp for breath.
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