Joining Up - A Thread For Parents/Guardians

It is great that he is enjoying himself and amazing that the weeks are really ticking by - he will soon be home for Easter.

Update on my little cherub (having got all excited about sourcing everyhting on the kit list) is that unfortunately he will not be going to Raleigh on Sunday due to hurting his rib whilst on the relief aid mission to Dominica! Lots of stress on his return and no luck getting an xray despite managing to get a GP referal for one! Thankfully it looks like his delayed start might only be until July now rather than the additional year that we thought it might. Fingers (and everything else well and truly crossed) that he gets confirmation of a new date through soon. Very proud that he is still determined after such a long wait and bitter disappointment. Thank goodness he is in a job where he is only required to give relatively short notice so still has a job!

Onward and upward!

There's an Open Day at HMS Raleigh at the beginning of August, if you would like to go.
Hi can anyone help is there a limit to number of guests at the passing out parade
No, not at Raleigh. There is a limit on how many people can safely be seated in the theatre though and there has been an occasion in the past when there was an RNR Division passing out too that some guests had to miss the INT presentation. They did all witness the parade though.

I’ve seen groups of 15-20 on several occasions.
Hi I've posted this on parents but here gives me a quicker reply.
How much should I spend on the iron for our lad going to his PRNC Monday?
Any recommendations?

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