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Hi @MotivatingMum , I put up a kit list a while ago for someone else, just had to find it, sorry it did take me a while, here goes :)
Iron (good one), watch (waterproof), white laundry marker (order from Amazon), black permanent marker, 3 large towels, housewife's kit, basic first aid kit (plasters,etc), 6 wooden coat hangars, 2 black shoe polish, 1 brown shoe polish, 3 sets brushes for polishing shoes/boots, 5 yellow dusters, 2 pressing (ironing) clothes OR large handkerchiefs, hand washing powder, laundry detergent (in case you manage to use the washing machine), underwear (take at least 7) and they should be dark/black in colour, sleepwear, personal toiletries, black pens for admin/paperwork and about £70.00 just in case he needs to buy anything from NAAFI before being paid and don't take any extra civvie clothes, no space as he'll be in uniform the whole time. Also take a pack of cotton balls for bulling/polishing shoes. Not on the list but take wet wipes and cheap toothbrushes for cleaning soles of boots.
Hope this helps and good luck :D
Thank you very much for the info - I will order the laundry markers straight away. I appreciate that I am probably opening myself up for stick but what is a housewife's kit? Bracing myself for the replies :rolleyes:


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Housewife is a basic sewing kit, needles black and white thread small scissors etc. I don't know if you can buy them as a kit or whether you have to put it together.

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Hello everyone, hope you are all well, thought I’d give a wee update on the boy, he started wk 4 yesterday and seems to be enjoying himself, he has the “Raleigh cough” but most of them have he had the first proper kit muster yesterday morning haven’t heard how he got on so I’m guessing well

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