Basically I’m away to Raleigh in 3 weeks i can run a mile and a half in 10mins 30 seconds and a 5k in just over 22mins. Looking for tips on Raleigh read all the other posts but they’re very old and was hoping for some fresher/ up to date ones. I’m joining up as AET and wanting to go to Yeovil. Would also like some info about Yeovil too as I can’t find much info about life there. Thanks


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Like all training, do what the instructors tell you. Don't try to be too smart. Be part of the team, individuals tend not to do quite so well. Sometimes pre knowledge can ruin perceptions. Every course whilst having the same format, are different!!! The students interaction being the changeable dynamic.
As for AET, read posts by @Maxpowers, he's just been through it. Raleigh and Sultan, (Phase 2). If I remember correctly he recently posted he was at VL. (Wafu speak for RNAS Yeovilton).
There are a few up to date posts if you search - I found some. Use the search facility at the top right. It does work. Trust me I'm not a doctor!!

However, all that said. I'm an old fart and I'm sure someone in the know will be along sometime - maybe - to set you straight on todays vibrant new Royal Navy. PS AET, not a bad choice of trade.


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When at VL, go into Ilchester, as there's a pub on the cross roads. The landlady loves it when you ring the bell and shout 'iceberg dead ahead'!

Honestly, do it 20 times for full effect.


Learn to wash your clothes and iron, also practice the art of folding to A4 size.

I went through Raleigh in 92 and the only thing that disrupted me was kit musters.

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