Joining the Warfare Branch

Hi guys-sorry to sound like a noobie but I've got my sift soon and I'm trying to get my head around the warfare officer pipeline.

I've reached a load of stuff (new and old so I'm getting very confused) so I'm not sure what the current pipeline is atm.

I've got it as; 30 weeks at brnc finishing with the fleet board, then another 14 weeks doing specialist training before joining a seabased unit gaining more experience with navigation and bridge watch keeping. Then about 2 years after joining up you take the IWOC after which you have the chance to sub-specialise or continue on the general service warfare path. But I've also read that your first three jobs (about 6 years) would be as a junior warfare officer aboard a ship mainly undertaking navigation and bridge watching duties

Can anyone explain if that's right please? If it is when would you gain your bridge watch keeping certificate?

any help would be amazing! thanks guys :sweatdrop:


Well hey there. :) I'm applying for warfare too and that's pretty much what I've got the pipeline to be. Out of interest, how long did you wait between your PJFT and your sift (if it's been and gone, I hope you passed!)?

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