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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by bigmama, May 3, 2007.

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  1. Hi everyone, hoping to get some answers to help an anxious mum. My son is applying for the Submarine Service next month. He's 16 and I just want to find out what kind of life it really is for you guys day in and day out. Is it a tough life? sorry to bother, but just trying to put my mind at rest, although he's a capable young guy but you know what us mums are like!!! :roll: thanks a bunch...
  2. For a lad of sixteen there is no better start in life than a few years in the Sundodgers (HM Submarine Service). The work is not onerous, mostly listening to ping...or pulling levers.
    Some RR members who have actually served in Boats may boast of actually having had to work damn hard, this as all members of the Surface Fleet and Royal Marines know is a gross exageration.
  3. If he doesn't mind NOT getting a suntan in sunny climes, then let him go for it! As NZ has just pointed out, Sludgemariners will tell you that they are the best, but how can you believe that when they go on boats that sink!! I'm sure that you will get all the responces from the "deeps" on this forum..all the best to the kid.
  4. Hi Bigmama

    Submarines is not a bad way to go for a young lad, but it has some drawbacks.....

    Firstly does your son have an idea what he would like to do in submarines, i.e. ME, WE etc

    Submarines may also limit his ability to see the world, so if that is one of his reasons for joining the RN I'd get him to think again.

    If he joins as a submariner and doesn't like the life, the Navy will not let him go General Service (Skimmer)

    And if you want my honest opinion..................

    16 is too young to join.

    At 16 he will be a junior, and although this gives him longer to decide if he likes the Navy before they have him for a number of years, it also restricted his freedom due to the Navy treating him like glass. I.e. Bed checks, having to contact you before he can come home for the weekend and not being able to have a drink with the lads..........

    But if he is dead set on joining now and not in a couple of years when he is regarded as a men, then I'll welcome him onboard
  5. I think I’d go along with AF Jack on this one. Sixteen is too young to join. He’ll have to work junior’s routine that, as AFJ says, will involve (amongst other things) being back on base (and in bed) by midnight and no alcohol. Some don’t like this loss of freedom.
  6. He will probably not join a submarine until he is at least 17 after completing basic training, specialisation training and SMQ Dry training.

    As a still serving submariner who has been in the navy for 33 years 28 years in submarines I would say that it is probably best to do a couple of years on daddys grey yachts before joining submarines. Get used to RN life as submarines can be a bit of a culture shock.
  7. Currently serving in an instructor position (sm of course)...

    There are fairly stringent controls/checks on those U18...but rightly so in this day and parents, we expect nothing less when it comes to our kids.

    The training is lengthy - in the region of a year until he gets to sea on a unit, unless he joins as a Medical Assistant (MA) - that'll be around two years or more before going to sea.

    The course work is designed to be challenging - we want people to pass the course BUT we would like the right people to pass the course - mainly because safety is in all our hands.

    Trafalgar class Boats still get a few jollies (visits to foreign ports) - sometimes one will 'go global'. But it's hard work and the programme is always changing for one reason and another.

    Vanguard class have a programme written in stone - but have few if any visits. Structured lifestyle - slightly better living and working conditions.

    There are plusses and minusses everywhere you look - BUT the camaraderie & friendship that we all develop is second to none and is the envy of those that aren't in 'the trade'.

    If you wish to know more about specific training, PM me - I'll try to help answer any concerns that you have.
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Well done Polto, someone who is current & knows what they're on about in todays submarine service.

    Still think you get paid far too much though...

    Top tip to the budding sludgemariner's Mum: Remember also, he's under 18 (as if you need reminding!)- you have every right to ask questions & I'd heartily encourage you to ask the careers office staff to give you factual answers to your questions in addition to asking opinions on this site.

    Good luck to him.
  9. :lol: Especially as I'm shore side!! (Can't believe I just said that!!)

    No - really though, I think the sm pay is well justified given the conditions, one in two watchkeeping, which includes all ranks/rates for'd of the kettle. And of course the longer time spent training whilst our peers get to sea earlier on the ships and so coin it with the sea pay etc a bit sooner than we do. Let's not forget - we don't get a newspaper, unless we visit a port, and there's no TV.

    But hey - no skin off my nose, if they stopped my submarine pay tomorrow, I'd just go and get another job!! :lol: :lol:
  10. At least two other postings on this thread are by current serving submariners in instructor’s billets, although neither has much knowledge of S or T boats.
  11. many thanks to everyone who has taken the time to give me information on this topic. I went through the replies last night with my son and he understands that it isn't going to be a walk in the park but he now understands what I have been trying to say about being in a Submarine. I really hope he gets in as I think its good for teenagers now to have a goal in life instead of loafing around and possibly getting up to no good. I think you all do a great job anyway and would be proud if my son were successful in joining the Submarine Service.
  12. Another serving Senior Rate, currently instructing up North. I joined at 17 and went straight to boats. My buddy went to general service and went halfway around the world before I got my feet wet. He has some great tales to tell, but we both ended up on course together 18 years in. My recommendation is to have a bash at General Service first, but in a branch that can transfer if you want. The submarine service will always take a good sailor in, however long he has done, but the fun for the yougsters is definately on the ships.
  13. Have to agree with this as I joined at 16 and a bit done my trips on the grey funnel line for a few years saw plenty of the world and then was drafted to boats and still had a great time,but glad i done my time on ships first tho.
  14. "My recommendation is to have a bash at General Service first, but in a branch that can transfer if you want. The submarine service will always take a good sailor in, however long he has done, but the fun for the yougsters is definately on the ships."

    This is good advice. I had 20 months in General Service (1978-80) before being drafted to SMs as a PO Tiff. I had more runs ashore in that 20 months than in the next 20 years in SMs. A bit of GS experience before joining boats will stand you in good stead. Although I was drafted I never ever considered going back and events 25 years ago made me realise that it wasn't so bad as a "sun dodger" after all.
  15. Same here did 3 years general service then into boats.Gave me a better view of things and I enjoyed seeing both sides of the service.
  16. Thanks again, I've gone over all the replies in the forum with my son who has decided that it would probably be better to join the submarines after a few years on top of the water. Your comments have been appreciated and a great help. You know how teenagers are, never believe their mum!!! :roll:
  17. NP

    Us Submariners are here to help

    and I’m amazed that this thread was kept "touchy-feely"
  18. never believe a submariner, yes we love you, no we wont **** in you mouth, the cheques in the post..........
    Is that better.

    (I must apologise, it is unlike me but I could not resist!!!) :oops:
  19. Thats what I expected :wink:

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