Joining the Royal Marines with a history of depression


Hey all,

I'm an 18 year old male, and I want to join the Royal Marines in 2 years when I am done with my education. Thing is, from the ages of 14-16 I was dealing with depression, and self harmed a bit. I tried to commit suicide a few times when I was around the 14-15 mark. I am alive and well nowadays, and all that stuff is behind me. I used to be on antidepressants but came off them around about the end of 2018. I am currently on Melatonin to help me sleep, but will begin easing off them this Summer.

Will my history of depression and anti depressants eliminate me from joining the Royal Marines when I am 20? Thanks

Edit: Forgot to mention, I plan on joining as an Officer. Don't know if that makes a difference, but thought I should mention it anyways.
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