Joining the Royal Marines Reserve

Just found this awesome site as they say across the pond.

Just have to comment on the SBS and SAS Reserve

Long time ago I was down RAF Abingdon No1 Parachute Training School I had decided jumping out into the great blue sky would be a wonderous thing.

Having been presented/earned/whatever /my green hat twelve months earlier I was asked/persuaded to go get those wings.

A stroll round the site lead me to a hangar where screaming was heard. On entering the hangar I was confronted with a SAS chap giving his PONGO ELITE the basics of ground training.

There I was stood standing in my best suede shoes money could buy when the SAS boss asked if I could show these poor souls a forward roll from the ramp having informed the group I had previous ground training under my belt. It was a while before I learned "do not operate tongue until brain is in gear"

A perfect front left was achieved[honest would I lie] through excellent training back at base camp by the RAF PJI [Base camp being RMR Merseyside]three abreast in training performing a front roll meant it had to be a clean roll or your oppo got a size nine boot in the rear or head.

SAS type told his elite warriors "thats the way to do it". He had asked my unit beforehand Royal Marines I informed him so the corps good name was on the line . After the roll I told him I was a reservist. Turned out these elite warriors where also reservists.

On returning to the pit shared with two other bootnecks and countless cherry heads and SAS [who joined us later] my mate asked where I had been.

I have just been training the SAS I informed him.


Later that week we met again he handed me a enlistment form for the SAS Reserve. Training was similar to our training difference being they parachuted into Denmark etc on training runs we walked/ran over the mountains of Wales.

For me to have become a member of SBS Reserve would have been a dream. I would stand more chance of meeting Santa Claus. Even with my green hat and wings I was still streets away from joining the elite of elite.

I am not knocking the SAS lads for one minute just asking why the SASR you can go walk into the barracks and go for a induction. SBSR you need that green hat and wings before even being allowed to apply.

Only guy I know to have ever walked straight into the frog squad after his green hat course was a ex SAS *con merchant*. Those lads on the waiting list where none to happy about this intruder in the camp leapfrogging the list. SAS type had put it round that it was SBS or stuff it and 4PARA TA was just down the road. Well he got in!!! And half a dozen green hats on a waiting list where looking to convert to red. But it never happened.

*Speed march at Lympstone and the ex SAS type was alongside carrying house bricks in his arms. Secret fitness training I thought. On enquiring he had thought of working the head and he filled his pouches with newspaper. The boss was not very happy on this discovery and he dragged him to a pile of rubble and filled his packs and arms with bricks and rubble*

Taz_786 said:
andyg said:
'Cos sf are now effectively all-of-one-badge as far as the mod is concerned. The original "parent" of a SBS operator is no longer relevant, they are all a single asset with same entry tests and lots of operational cross-over.

So why do you need previous military experience for the SBS-R but not for the SAS-R? (According to the link)

Says it all really 8)


nice insight

did you do any blank firing or was it just drills?

the "cancer on the troop" person was he binned or was it just a buck your ideas up wake up call?

im suprised i didnt see anyone who passed selection quitting, i guess sitting in a cold wet field will do that to you though.

lastly what happens if you have to miss a weekend exercise?



hi mate i joiined the rmr last year and have just moved into commando phase, i think its a very good experience. bloody hard work and if ur not dedicated u wont make it. eg if u miss 2 weekends out of either of the phases of training u will be binned. but go 4 it mate. after being in the TA and RM cadets before the rmr its a very real veiw of how a quality fighting force is trained and works. appoach it with an open mind and dig out blind and you can do it.

good luck simon
mandet rmr
I remember turning up for parade one evening [phase one] and this guy was told to go off parade and get a wash. He was told over the weekend the Marines in the troop had spent the weekend in a foxhole and they where much cleaner.

He was never seen again.

We had an ex guardsman who was ever so good at polishing boots and was told they where on the lookout for NCO material. Phase one he flew along.

Phase two was a different story. Poor soul handed his kit in. He was a great guy!

I recall my first ever meeting with Mr Carl Gustav up Cumbria. I was number two I am still convinced Henry Cooper pin wheeled me that day.
Needless to say after that first venture it was head down and not eyes front.

Do we still have the Carl Gustav??? There is a certain boy racer round the corner who warrants H.E.A.T. therapy.

cold_n_wet said:
did you do any blank firing or was it just drills?
Just drills, although, in the orders that i saw, "servicable ear protection" was required, so i think it could have been an option at some point. Maybe we'll get that next time.

the "cancer on the troop" person was he binned or was it just a buck your ideas up wake up call?
'twas one hell of a wake up call... it was out in front of the phase 2s (who used to be called phase 1 bravos) as well as all us phase 1s. he wasn't binned, but the troop sergeant did mention somewhere in his little rant about "switch on, or i'll switch you off... permanently" so i think binning may be on the cards at a later stage possibly.... not good

im suprised i didnt see anyone who passed selection quitting, i guess sitting in a cold wet field will do that to you though.
it does indeed. although, i think it's the phys side of things that turns people away.. there wasn't as much whining about the cold wet windyness of things as i was expecting. nobody particularly like the cold wet windyness, but just seemed to crack on and try to ignore it a bit.

lastly what happens if you have to miss a weekend exercise?
not entirely sure, and i don't plan on missing any, so it hasnt been an issue for me.. i think you can miss 1, maybe 2.. but it means you dont know loads and have missed out on loads of lessons, so lots of catching up is required. if you miss too many i'm sure they'd take you aside and tell you to stop taking the piss, then probably backtroop you... but i'll ask about that for you anyway.


yep if and when they let me in i would hope id miss none, RMR would come first over everything, just wondered what the deal was with learning stuff that would have been taught on that weekend, maybe you are allowed to go join up with an RMR unit elsewhere to catch up if possible?

glad its going well anyway


Lantern Swinger

I am currently an RMR Scotland Recruit (Edin Det) in Phase 2 of training, if anyone has any questions about training, feel free to ask.



Does anybody know if Greenock Detachment runs drill nights? I've applied to join the RMR and passed my medical and PJFT but I've had no info from RMR Scotland so far. I drive past the place quite alot but there doesn't seem to be much activity (which is odd since it is co-located with the coastguard and HMS Dalriada). The only reason I know they're there is because of the signs on the fence and the I just figured that they don't have the numbers and anybody from Greenock just travels up to Glasgow. Does anybody have any information on this?


kevingill said:
Does anybody know if Greenock Detachment runs drill nights?

No, Greenock is a spur from Glasgow Detachment and specialises in training and provision of coxwains for Rigid Raiders etc. Drill Nights would be conducted for you at Glasgow which is co-located with HQ RMR Scotland. I can arrange an informal chat with a current member who can give you all the info you require. Check you personal messages for my contact details.


Cold and wet this is excellent information, keep it coming! What do you do on your average drill night? Not just 'phys' what kind (bleep tests, squaded runs?).
cold_n_wet said:
sorry guys, no more info on training is gonna appear here. Most of you probably saw Sgt Allens posts on here, which were by the way, directed at me. I've had a little chat with the training staff, who don't think i can judge what and what isnt sensitive information (a fair point), and the result of that is that so i don't let something slip that i shouldn't, no more details of my training are gonna be posted here. I'll gladly give advice (for what it's worth) to people, but what happens on drill nights and training weekends is gonna stay all hushed up. No more updates of what i do on weekends.

I am however compiling a bit of a diary of what i go through on training.. which is basically just my RMR updates but a wee bit more detailed, and private for now. At the end of training, if and when i pass out (no assumptions i definately will, but i do intend to) my "diaries" are going to be vetted by people with clearances that know what they're doing, and after a whole lot of editing, i may be able to post the whole thing up here, or publish it somehow for the world to see.

so, sorry to all the people wanting to know more. you'll get the info eventually, but it may be another ooo, 16/17 months or so.
Gonna be an interseting training weekend for you then after easter leave? Would have loved to have heard that little chat and look forward to reading about it in 18 months

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