Joining the Royal Marines Reserve

I am keen on joining the Royal Marines Reserve and would like to know a bit about the course. I have had a look at the website which is obvioulsy very good, but would like to hear from current recruits or any serving Bootnecks, what the recruit course is like and what training and courses you do once you have passed the Commando tests.

Also in comparison to TA units lke 4 Para, how likely would compulsory mobilisation be. Ive know that 4Para recruits are compulsory mobilised almost as soon as they pass P Company, but is it different in the RMR?

Perhaps just a rumour but I had heard that the RMR guys have all volunteered for service in Iraq and Afghanistan and not been compulsory mobilised.

Cheers for any info


You dont wanna do that mate, get yourself into the RNR. Doesn't matter if you dont like ships...neither do half of us thats already joined up!
Cheers for that.

Im mad keen to get in and get started, but just want to make sure im doing it with both eyes wide open. I think speaking to a bootneck directly (who isnt involved in recruiting), is the best way to get honest answers and a feel for life in the Corps.

Great site BTW.




Where are you living? There are RMR centres all over the country. Of the top of my head I couldnt name them all but here are a few:

RMR London
RMR Liverpool
RMR Manchester
RMR Bristol
RMR London
RMR Birmingham
RMR Scotland
RMR Newcastle

Plus there are also detachments in places like Plymouth. Portsmouth and a few other places. Most RMR bods are attached to CDO units when they are deployed. At one time a fully Trained RMR bod could opt to spend one year with a Unit. Don't know if this is still done so please don't quote me on it.

I think the RMR lads do phases of training. Your RMR centre will get you up to the required standard then you will go to CTCRM and do the First Phase. Then the second one etc, etc, until finally you go to CTCRM and hack the Commando tests. As to the timings of this procedure I am afraid I can't help you. Also there are only certain times in the year when you can join. This is done so when all the RMR centres have enough blokes to fill the quota you and your fellow Nods (recruits) will start your training at the same time as all the other RMR Nods all over the Country so when you go to CTCRM you all will be at the same level of training.

Please take into account that I left the Corp nearly sixteen years ago so I may be wrong on a couple of points. Anyway hope this helps.

Cheers for the info Artist.

I live in Edinburgh, so would be attending RMR Scotland (HMS Caledonia). I have made some enquiries and have found out loads more info on Recruit training, the Phase 1 & 2 courses and continuation training once I have passed (hopefully) the commando tests.

The things that seems to be a sticky point is mobilisation. Perhaps because of recruiting reasons, but getting a straight answer is proving rather difficult.

I am keen to volunteer for Operations with a Regular Commando Unit, however due to a young family and a career that I am trying to build on, this would perhaps be in 3-4 years from now.
I understand it will take around 18 months to become a fully trained Commando anyway, but how likely am I to be immediately compulsory mobilised after training? I only want to make sure that I am going into this with both eyes wide open!!


Spenny - I don't think anyone is going to be able to answer your question without being able to see into the future.

Given the scale, diversity and frequency of current operations you should really assume that from the moment you complete training you may be required to go.

I would suggest that you don't join up until you are ready to accept the possible consequences. Having said that, if you speak to your local RMR they may well be able to agree something with you.

Hope this helps
Cheers Jocky. I did think about that, but as Im pushing 30 I think this is something I should be doing sooner rather than later.

My career is obviusly very important to me and whilst I will be able to take a year out in a few years, its just not sensible at the moment.
I think I will mention this to the Unit when I join and just hope it works out - I suppose I should be worrying about one war at a time eh, first one being the Commando course!