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Hello all im new here!! Im wondering iv anyone can tell me what its like in the RNR do you get time out at sea and is it possable to do a full 9 weeks basic training instead of the 2. Also whats the full time reservist about!!
Morning Spinach,

If you want to do the full 9 weeks you'll have to join the RN I'm afraid. We do two weeks basic after completing an in unit training program. Its the in unit training program which allows to course to be cut to two weeks. By the time you get to Raleigh you should already have much of the knowledge you require, if your instructor is any good?

You can do more than two weeks ORT if you can get the courses booked. I know people who have done their 2 weeks Basic training, 1 week 518, 1 week 547 and 1 week BSSC all in the same year. You just have to get the courses booked ASAP.

We do get to sea but it does depend on the career path you choose to follow. Loggies for example don't get to sea much. There are regular weekends on sweepers running out of Faslane and Pompy which are open to most people and there are opportunities to serve on a pussers grey for a few weeks.

Full Time Reservist are actually FTRS (Full Time Reserve Service). Basically someone who has qualified in their chosen branch and then signs up on say, a six month contract to serve with the RN. Opportunities for this are quite limited these days as they require specific skills to be able to work in and amongst the RN. It is advisable to "get some time in" before volunteering for something like that as there is no substitute for experience.

I'm sure there are others on here who may be able to elaborate on this further.

Welcome aboard :w00t:


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Well explained, Trehorn. You've pretty much explained everything there.
I would add though that Full Time Reserve places are few and far between at the moment, unless you are well qualified. Most of the long-term places these days tend to be in places that are hot and sandy and where incoming mortar fire is light to moderate!
Having said that, the RNR is a great life. I know it's an old cliche, but the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. You'll get to travel, meet some great people and have incredible adventures in exotic ports of call - like Pompey Dockyard! :afro:
You may also meet that twat :dwarf:

While you're on TB. I had a dream about you this weekend! Weird as fcuk!

And before you ask yes you did have all you're clothes on. I thinks thats what made it so wei :hump: rd!


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You sure it was just a dream matey? I did break into your house again last night, so it could have been the REAL me that you saw. Was naked though.
As regards to getting extra training, it really depends on if you can get the extra courses booked in. If you can give the time, most units have the flexibility to permit extra training over and above the minimum 24 days per year. However, most of the real opportunities come once you have entered your specialisation, ie completed your basic training. I met someone last week who did 90 days last year.
Cheers for the info lads!! Im not that for from faslane just over the water a bit so thats good to know. Im prob gonna join up as i dont think full time navy life would b ideal for me cos of the mrs you know!! always wanted to do something like this so i would want the most out of it. cheers!!


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Just a thought, but have you considered joining the RFA full time? You do 4 months away, which is a bit of a bitch, but then you do 3 months off. So you'll get lashings of time with the missus. PLUS you get the added joy of working with the RN without any of the bullsh*t :pukel:
Ha Ha no i dont think so cant c that. I will look into the RFA sound real good mabye what im looking for. I want to do something pretty soon cos im only 25 n she will b hinting for some (Dreded kids) next then my chances of joining will out the window. Cheers again lads!!

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