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Joining the RNR


Hello all,
I left the RN 5 years ago after doing 5 years 6 months, and, as you do, am begining to miss the life. I have a decent 9-5 job and am married.
I am thinking of joining the RNR. What is it like? what are the people like? and what happens at each week night meeting?
I have been on the RNR website, but seeing as people here are at the coal face and would give me a honest answer I thought I would ask. I was a dabber on Type 22's for my sins.
And if I can interupt, back to your original question. The RNR is a good crack, depending on where you are. The nearest thing to Seaman specialisation is General Service Seaman Reserve but it is only being used to provide SPO teams at present (as apparently the head honchos at Fleet say we don't need Seaman reserves anymore, doh!).

The deal is do 24 days work per annum for the RNR (there is a tricky mix of how the 24 days are made up) and you get paid RN equivalent pay and a bounty for up to about £1400. Adventurous Training does exist as well but you would have to have a very understanding employer and family to get the time off to take advantage of it (so be cautious of that particular bit of hype).

I do hope you decide to join the RNR as we certainly do need more numbers.
Don't know anything about President but if you join any RNR unit then you will find it's money for old rope since you are ex RN. I imagine the new entry staff will whisk you through the new entry phase due to your prior experience but that's down to the unit.
Big Unit,very good facilities, I am at Wildfire (Northwood) myself so not an expert on "Thames Yacht Club", there are others on RR that are based there and are in the GSS(R) branch there so no doubt they will give you the low down. Good luck and if you do opt for that branch will probably meet you on deployments or range weekends etc, I will get you beer!
thanks all, there is a open evening at 'the thames yatch club' on 13/02/07, so will go down and see what it is all about. Beers on me if i see you.

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