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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by GwaarSoldier, Jan 9, 2007.

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  1. Hi guys. I'm thinkning of transferring to the RNR at HMS Forward from the TA and just have a few questions:

    1)What's the training like in terms of weekend training/exercises?
    2) Can anyone give me some idea what's involved with Ships Protection Teams, ie: courses involved etc
    3) Is it possible to carry any qualifications I earned in the TA like signals and PTI to the RNR?

  2. 1. Limited at the moment due travel expense restrictions.
    2. OG518 - Learn how to handle L85A1, OG547 - Baton handling, judgemental package, RF and DF (Reaction Force and Defence/Deterent Force), after that you are ready for work.
    3. Dunno, maybe someone else can help?

    I was in 4 Para a few years ago, well quite a few actually, the major difference being that in the TA you train and deploy as a TA unit, in the RNR you can fill a vacant billet and do the job side by side with the regulars, although if you go GSS(R) you're more likely to deployed as a team. The big news though, you don't have to sleep in a ditch and sh*t in a hole! I've never looked back!!
  3. YET!!...... :twisted:
  4. 1) realistically about 6-9 weekends are possible. in unit and down south.
    2) most qual courses are 1 week duration.
    3) i would think your adquals would carry over.

    speak to the support manager at Forward, for clarification.
    welcome aboard shipm8.
  5. A2?
  6. I'll suffer the embaressment and not edit my post!
  7. Dont forget the BSSC.

    Doing mine next week. Cant wait for Horse sea lake.
  8. :wink:

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