Joining the RNR while awaiting a start date as a regular?

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by fish21, Jul 24, 2009.

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  1. Hi there, just a thought, don't know if this has been brought up before but cant find anything on it..

    With 'Credit Crunching' waiting times to join the regulars, does anyone know if its possible to join/be a part of RNR's? Obviously it wouldn't be permanent, but just to get into it.. training etc. Does anyone know if this is possible, or would they see it as a waste of time??

    Any input would be great :)


  2. Fish21,

    Our Recruiting Officer recently told us that people in your position are more than welcome in the RNR. So it's certainly possible, even encouraged.
  3. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    My personal view (emphasis on personal) is that no you should not join the RNR.

    We only have limited intakes each year, depending on your unit, and you would be taking a slot from someone who may want to join for the long term. At the same time, we will be investing a lot of money and time in training you, but we will get no return from that, and will not get to use you on an operational deployment.

    In days gone by, when we just did Minesweeping and had no operational day jobs, then it was easier - but in a time of ops, when we are working to support the front line, we simply don't have the time to train up someone who is going to dissapear at very short notice.
  4. so much for RN and RNR being all one team! In 1985 I was in the TA prior to joining the RN and they knew I was joining up,just go for and get what experience you can
  5. As a recruiting officer, I am more than happy when individuals want to join the RNR prior to joining the RN. The experience gained whist in the RNR, gives you a great headstart when you join the RN. We are one team and people leaving the RNR to join the RN is not a loss to the Service. It also gives you a greater understanding of the Reserve Forces and how we operate to fit our naval life in alongside our 'main' life.

    Happy to discuss further if you wish to PM me - which area do you live in? Well worth having a chat with your local unit.

    The biggest issue may arise with your local AFCO as for some reason they often make you double up on the recruiting process (e.g. another medical).

    Hope that helps.
  6. Re: Joining the RNR while awaiting a start date as a regular

    Which units are so over-subscribed that they are turning away potential recruits? I am surprised to hear of this.
  7. Re: Joining the RNR while awaiting a start date as a regular

    I joined the RNR whilst waiting for a regular start date and my unit were more than happy to take me - their point of view was that the more people in the RN with an understanding of the reserves the better.

    Obviously best to inform the recruiting officer of your medium-term intentions though.

    I benefitted immensely from being in the RNR for a short time, and if your unit is happy would certainly recommend it.
  8. You've trotted out this mantra before (as jim30), and you were told back then how and why you were wrong. He would not be taking someone else's billet, because RNR intakes are nowhere near at capacity. An extra bod would be very welcome & if he tells his friends about what he's up to in his spare time - that spreads the word, which can only be a good thing for recruitment.

    Please cite exactly what costs and time an extra man in NE training brings about, that wouldn't otherwise be spent. No victualling costs (PAYD) and any uniform issued he can keep as he's joining the regular service anyway.

    He is going to be used on operational deployments - as a regular, if not a reservist.

    There's zero competition for slots on RNR intakes: if you pass the entrance tests, then welcome to the RNR. How about encouraging keen new joiners to get as much experience of the Service as they can instead of shooting them down?
  9. Re: Joining the RNR while awaiting a start date as a regular

    Are you on drugs? Where the hell did you get (or not) your Naval ethos from? I hope you're not too far up the food chain to actually casue any damage.

  10. Re: Joining the RNR while awaiting a start date as a regular

    D and M :roll: :roll: I am awaiting a boring on line,and blowing smoke up ones a**e Riposte to your last :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: from PT
  11. Re: Joining the RNR while awaiting a start date as a regular

    Thanks for the replies guys 8O will definitely look into this a lot more. Very excited at the prospect now :)


  12. Re: Joining the RNR while awaiting a start date as a regular


    Do you know which RNR Unit is closest to you?
  13. Re: Joining the RNR while awaiting a start date as a regular

    I'm near Bristol, so HMS Flying Fox i think?

  14. Thats great cheers pal :) will be in touch with them soon

  15. Re: Joining the RNR while awaiting a start date as a regular


    Looks like they have a Presentation (Introductory) Evening next week.
  16. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    My view is very simple - new entry training takes a lot of time and is resource intensive. YOu are allocating pay, uniform, allowances etc to people who are coming into the service. The manning plot will be developed on the assumption that with X bodies in the pipeline, then we'll get Y bodies in a set period of time to do operational jobs.

    Someone coming into the RNR for a short period - couple of months maybe, is going to be taking pay and allowances and T&S which could have been used to fund MTDs or support other people who need training to do operational jobs. We as an organisation will get zero return on this beyond someone going in many years time "oh yes, the RNR nice chaps, cheap bar, vaguely useful". In the interim, what jobs won't get done because of a lack of MTDs, how many training weekends will people not be able to attend due to reduced T&S - thus losing us longer term members?

    I appreciate people think this is hyperbole, but I get really f*cked off with people coming into the RNR and treating it like a hobby, in the same way as cub scouts, prior to doing their grown up job. We're stretched for resources, and we're wasting peoples time training someone who hasn't the slighest intention of giving us a return on that investment because he's going to dissapear at the first opportunity. We are in the business of delivering Operational Capability - that process starts with New Entry training. Taking someone in for a jolly for a few months is not helping this and is, in my mind is a waste of time, and taxpayers money.

    Sorry, but feeling a bit grumpy today, especially given the current 1SL seems to have forgotten we exist (check out his 'headmark address to the RN, RFA and MOD CS)!
  17. Re: Joining the RNR while awaiting a start date as a regular

    Where did u get that from sol?

    Was thinking if you completed training and got a rank.. What would happen once you start at Raleigh, you lose it and start from scratch i guess.. 8O

    Twig how about 20 years return of service.. Humm a waste you say :lol:

  18. Fish21 , I understand some of PT's views but as a Flying Foxer myself we will be glad to welcome you in. As a member of the ships company that helps out with the new entry side of training I can assure you that a jolly it wont be and that you will get a massive amount out of it even if only for a few months.

    Look forward to seeing you in the future

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