Joining the RNR during the 1980's?



I was wondering what the deal was when joining the RNR during the '80's, in particular which branch you ended up in.

This was the days of HMS Flying Fox (Bristol). Did you join as now, but was steered towards a branch where there was a vacancy on crewing their minesweeper HMS Carron (M1212) or was it joining a branch first and crewing Carron second. I remember vaguely during my SCC days talk of only been able to join the Mine warfare branch. In which case who manned the other roles on board, were they regulars or ex-regulars?
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I can remember the HMS St David which was a converted trawler ex - Suffolk Monarch commissioned in 1978 and sold back to its original owner in 1983. From what I remember being told was the RNR role was mine warfare


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I joined the RNR in HMS President in 1976. I was studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering at University and I asked to go RE, with a view to commissioning as WE. My request was granted. Sea time was in Ton class MCMVs and were were MW experts. In 1980, when I was a law student and Acting Sub-Lieut (Int), I did a weekend NAVEX at sea in St David, Barry Docks to Swansea via Weston-super-Mare, Ilfracombe and Lundy. South Wales RNR (and every other Division) was commanded by a Captain RNR in those days, with a Commander as the Executive Officer, and the Commander came along for the ride. We were 3 subbies on board and we had to sleep in the fish-hold. Clicky beds and green slugs, before anyone asks.

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