joining the RNR after regular service

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by pots359v, Apr 22, 2008.

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  1. Hi all, considering applying to join the RNR after 22 years regular service.
    Would they have me? Left as PO(C) (RS really not done the cross training) be interested in the force protection side.

    Any help?
  2. Good God Man, they'll probably bite yer hand off! Especially if it's Force Protection that you're interested in. They are screaming out for experienced RN types, and they seem to be mainly interested in training new recruits to do Force Protection work too. Give your local RNR unit a call. They all have a recruitment office, and hold regular recruitment evenings. Not 100% certain, but youo'll probably be able to retain your RN rate. Welcome aboard matey!
  3. If you haven't already left full time, get your transfer started NOW.

    We had an ex regular who had major problems with paperwork. e.g. arrange to get SC transferred before you leave else you'll have to go through whole new SC check for RNR.
    Get firing history sheet transferred if you want to go AWFP. If you've done the SPO Manager course they'll love you even more. Do you fancy going somewhere hot?

    Welcome aboard shipmate & good luck.
  4. A word of warning.

    I left the MOB in Nov 07 and appled to join the RNR 5 months before that date. I have only just been notified that my application has been approved!
  5. Apply through your local unit, you need to fill in all the gash paperwork as if you were a newbie, but append your last 4 or 5 RORRs to the application. Be prepared to rattle Whale Islands cage frequently to get the stuff processed.

    I'd reiterate the point about getting your clearance transferred, although as an RS your DV will probably confuse people!

    The process is fundamentally broken, but if you can get it done before your terminal date you'll have fewer problems. The thing to be careful of is your pay.

    FP have gaps at the senior rate level, so you might manage to position yourself to pick up your buttons reasonably soon as well.
  6. I have never understood why the RN has not simplified this, so that people leaving the Regular Serviec can be simply transferred to the RNR and effectively just drafted to the appropriate unit, with their status changed from Regular to Reserve - or is that just too simple?
  7. I'm sure there's lots of good reasons why it can't be made simpler.

    Unfortunately i cant for the life in me think of one :frustrated:

    Good on you fella.

    I would suggest that you contact your local unit and go in for a looksie and presentation. By getting involved with the unit early doors there is the possibility that the recruitment/transfer will be speeded up because your unit will want you to get involved with things, on courses etc so they will be pushing to get it sorted.

    Welcome aboard.

  8. unfortunately been outside since aug 07, so as you say will have to start from scratch. did work in NI RNR unit for a couple of years
  9. Coming back to Caroline then??????
  10. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    If you've been outside less than 5 years I don't think you need to start right from scratch - contact your local unit, they'll be able to give you the gospel according to current regs.
  11. Yeah will give KA a bell, want to try something different this time and though Force Protection the way ahead

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