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So I've been trying to join the Navy since the age of 15 but initially couldn't because I was underweight. I had passed the psychometric test and interview but need to put the weight on, I then went for another medical passed on weight but failed due to the Dr wanting a 6 month record of my weight (pointless the AFCO disagreed with this). I had to go for another medical and due to having a tiny bit of dry skin on my finger due to working in McDonalds I wasn't allowed to join.

Just wondering if anyone can answer these at all?

I'm going to join a as Warfare Specialist but is it easy to become an Officer after training??
Any advice of how to become an Officer if you join as a rating?
Any fitness training tips?
What is the navy really like?

Thanks in advance people!!


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Do some research of the site for yourself, there is a search box at the top of the page, most if not all of your questions have been answered many times over. Good luck.


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Active eczema, regardless of cause, is unfortunately a bar to entry.

The only assured route to become an Officer is by gaining the qualifications and joining as one. Although, in some branches (engineering generally) as many as 40% of officers originally joined as ratings,the route is by no means assured. The "average" person applying for a commission as a rating, has served over four years.

Pre joining fitness training programmes are available on the RN website and heartily endorsed, they really work.

Life in the RN is subjective, I've no regrets but I guarantee you those who don't enjoy it are usually the most vocal. If ever you hear a current service person dripping about how awful it all is, ask yourself this: "Why are they still serving?"