Joining the RN at 28

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Decrepitman, Aug 8, 2013.

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  1. Hi. I would like to join the RN as a logistics officer. I have a (good) degree and a post-grad qualification (in law) in addition to other experience. However I know that I'm pretty old for the Navy and realistically I'd be 28 at BRNC. I know that technically it is not too old but what is the general feeling toward people who join that late? What do people think of them? Would it be a mistake?

    Also website says promotion to Lt-Commander is by merit but I presume you must do at least 8 years service as a Lt beforehand? Thanks.
  2. Decrepit

    Something I would suggest is ringing the Careers Enquiry line on 08456 07 55 55 today and getting a place on an Initial Careers Presentation, thus kick-starting your application. The sooner you start, the better.

    PS How old are you now? What do you have as A Levels or equivalent?

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  3. Thanks soleil, I'll do that. I was 27 in June. I got AAB at A-Level.
  4. I'm 28 and go to Raleigh in October. Don't let your age put you off. At PRNC there were quite a few guys over 25 and there was a guy who was 34. Remember you wont be the only 28+ person joining up plus its hardly ancient is it.
  5. Thanks that is heartening to hear! Good luck. I know that it really isn't all that old but the military in general (from what I gather) seem to think you're a bit past it if you are over 25.

    Interesting. How do people make their promotion more likely? Is it general assessment over the years combined with an examination? Sry for all the questions thought I'd just get some out of the way.
  6. Right Time, Right Place, who you know, pure look, who you have and have not pissed off and at least be reasonable in your job.
  7. I have just finished week 7 in Raleigh (now off for summer leave) and have just turned 33. I am the oldest in my intake but not the oldest out of the recruits. It's not made much of a difference to me. The only thing I've noticed was 'did I act like that when I was 18?' I have no regrets about joining up at my age. You'll only regret it once you're past the age limit.
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  8. For Logisitics Officer, getting what's called the N4 job is also really desirable and does actually help with promotion. There is one hell of a fight to get those jobs though, simply because Logisitics Officers are a bit toppers and all the best jobs go extremely quickly. However, being a bit older, you tend to get viewed as a tad more switched on than the rest of the class (who are around 20-22). It can bode well, because you can use that initial impression and keep getting better.It works a bit in the Ratings world now as well, I'm an older rating (joined at 27) missed out on my first shout on promotion but was on the second shout with a pretty high scoring report (Got my DO to give the Promotions Office a ring). On the previous signal to that, there were a significant number of older ratings who had picked up. In a roundabout way, just go for it, apply and make damn sure that your fitness is up to scratch.
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  9. Thanks so much for the responses.

    Pure look?

    Could you expand a bit on what an N4 job is? What are the other N jobs? It all gets a bit confusing to someone not in the system yet. Thanks.
  10. Pure look is like the Old Spice Advert. Just tag it with "I'm on a horse" and it should make sense. Maybe. As for N4, roles in the forces are split up as doing different types of roles and this roughly follows the way the Army likes things to be done. N1 is the pay office function, N2-3 is security, N4 is acting as a stores officer. This shows that you can organise the proverbial drinking session in a brewery and can keep on top of an extremely busy section. The places where this is most likely to happen are on operations on one of those massive floaty grey messengers of death, which can afford to carry a small kayaks' worth of junior logistics officers. The way the roles are broken down get explained at some point during BRNC (I believe), however be prepared to have to go running around to find out. Oh, and before I forget: N is for Navy, J is for Joint, A is for Army and F is for Air Force... nobody seems to like using the same letter to denote the same function.
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  11. Well, that stopped me from having to type it out again!
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