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Discussion in 'RMR' started by Trebor1979, Nov 14, 2007.

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  1. First time on the forum!

    Im looking at joining the RMR a.s.a.p, I joined the Reg's back in 96, ending up back trooped at week 15, and left shortley after. I was 16 and I not mentally tough enough to accept going back a step. Im now 28 and want to try again - leaving at that stage is somthing Ive deeply regretted ever since.

    So, now I want to see it through all the way, Im much more stronger mentally, but, I now weigh 5 stone more than I did when I originally joined (now 16st) Im interested to see how you think Im suited to the phys tests?

    At present Im running/cycling/crossing c18 miles a day, 6 days a week and knocking out near enough the max of the circuit excercises (pull-ups, sit-ups, press-ups etc) each day.

    Have the entry tests changed at the PRC? Im feeling a bit negative about the pyhs side of things due to my weight, most of the guys I knew in the RM's were no heavier than 14 stone, would I be advised to try loose some of the muscle? - but I guess theres no "ideal" weight....Interested in your comments!
  2. If you want to pop round I will survey your credentials.
  3. Welcome Trebor (mint?)......being ex RN can't help you much, but I'm sure that the Booties on here can....just wanted to say Hi.....

  4. I'm on my way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :w00t:
  5. Welcome to RR mate!! With a name like Trebor we definitely have to re-name you Minty!! Good call Stripey_G!!

    Minty looking at your phys, Im astounded youve managed to retain your weight!! Are you into Bodybuilding or is this excess wieght the unwanted product of good food and beer? Either way mate, if youve been knocking out this cardio phys for a while, your diets squared away and your not losing weight, Id be tempted to see the Doc first.

    From a weight point of view I personally think its a bit heavy, although body types differ and as you said, there is no ideal weight. Im 5ft 9 ins and I was 14 stone when I decided to start training for the RMR. Although not much of that was fat, I just felt like I was carrying too much weight when I ran - that in turn was going to be excess weight when yomping, speedmarching and more importantly, climbing the ropes!! Im now down to 13 stone but Id like to be down to around 12 when I start my course early next year.

    As for the selection tests, you would have done the old USMC test at CTC. Its slightly different now, but still works round the same core exercises.

    What det are you joining mate?
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Minty sounds like a refreshing change for a nickname to me! lol

    To be honest I've been physically training for the RMR for about 4 weeks now, I didnt want to join until I hit 15st, but, as Im managing the circuit excersises and cardio ok (I still need to keep plugging away) I would hope to hit my ideal weight in about 3 months. I've kicked the beer into touch, and really changed my diet - dramatically for which I am seeing the improvements.

    Im going to give the RMR London a call tonight to discuss things with them in more depth, but, If the next PRC is say June next year (as Ive read somwhere on the forum) I'm confident I'll be ready to take this on.

    Besides, I know Ive passed this before (all be it when it was USMC tests) - so Im spurred on to succeed 2nd time around.

    At the end of the day, as far as fitness is concearned its mostly mental anyway - your body keeps going even when your brains telling you to stop, the hard part is to control the thought process - and keep going through the mental barrier....

    I guess I shall keep going as I am, contact the RMR London and get down there to start the process.

    Thanks everyone.
  7. Good effort mate and good luck. Let us know how you get on with your Selection dates.
  8. I'll keep in touch on here about progress, thanks for the support everyone.
  9. Hello mate

    I was a trained rank with RMR london in the 1990's so PM me if you need any advice

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  11. Hey Nutty_bag. Glad to have you back. I have not seen you loitering in ageeeeeees.
  12. I've been loitering in an O.P perving at female potential RN ossifers

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    Until later.
    xx x x x x x
  16. I have a novel way of polishing floor tiles if you care for me to demonstrate??

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  17. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Hello Trebor,

    Welcome to Rum Ration.
    It's probably worth getting in touch with your local AFCO submit an application form and get the ball rolling with regard the administration side of selection for the RMR, regardless of the fact the RMR selection weekend maybe next year. The admin side, as most will vouch, is the bit that can take time, particularly Security Clearance. The sooner you get the admin cleared away, the sooner you can get paid.

    If you were medically discharged from RT, the AFCO will need to obtain your former medical documentation, which can take a while.
    You'll also be advised of an ideal target weight to aim for at your medical examination.

    Good luck.
  18. NB.... you are one swarve dude. :thumright:
  19. Yes and sara is gorgeous. Anyway back to my O.P
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