Joining the RMR whilst waiting for Regs.

Discussion in 'RMR' started by Pgriffin, May 24, 2008.

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  1. Hi.

    Iv read about on the forum on the subject of going into the holding troop of a RMR unit whilst waiting to join the regular Royal Marines. This sounds like a great idea, and would give people a taste of military style fitness and discipline. This is somthing im interested in doing at my nearest unit for the experience, and to give me somthing to fall back on if i change my mind or have a problem with my current application, but the problem is, im not joining the Royal Marines, im applying for the RAF. Would this preclude me from doing so?

  2. why join the RAF? just go Royal....

    and i dont think it would be best to go hi cani join your holding troop till my application for the RAF goes trhough, you may as well just join the RMR its far better for you :thumright:
  3. I don't see why the royals would feel obliged to help you if you're not joining them?

    More likely to be *just* for future royals waiting to get off to ctcrm
  4. The Royal Marines as something to fall back on if you fail in the RAF!!
    I've now heard it all. Thank you for your interest in this matter, I think you know where the door is, don't let it hit your [email protected] on your way out.
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    My sentiments exactly.

    (Remember the RAF have compulsory drugs test too, even if they are civilians.)
  6. Thats fair enough, i thought as much, but tried asking anyway. Thanks for taking the time to post back.

    "The Royal Marines as something to fall back on if you fail in the RAF"

    Got abit Al Jazeera there. I dont think i used the term Fail.

    When i say somthing to fall back on, i was talking about having a change of heart about the RAF or not getting the job i want due to my lack of qualifications, and having a choice of a job that would give me as much pride as serving in the regular military.

    Did i come across as a crackhead? Sorry about that.
  7. just go royal its better for you,

    what would you rather do, live amongst gods or simply act as a chariot to carry them in to battle lol
  8. Right so you don't get Airframe Technician or Armourer (or whatever) in the RAF and you decide to go for Royal Marine, you may be surprised that guys who have dreamed about being a Royal for years fail due to lack of commitment/effort/injury, starting off as seeing the Royal Marines as a fall back option is a recipe for failure.
    Study hard for your RAF entry tests,do as well as you can and then consider your options.
  9. i agree i keep messing up with RMR due to commitment issues my availability changes weekly due to college being inconsistent with there bull shit, im going to start phase one in august once more if this dont work i will discharge and go regular after i finish my education,

    its one of the hardest thigs about RMR the commitment you have to make to your self, like i said if i dont do it this time im going regular come next summer, its easyer as far as the commitment you have to make cause you really have no choice you either do it or rap ya tits in :thumright:
  10. If you're intending to join the RAF as a Regular, why attempt RMR? The logical choice would be the RAF Reserves.

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