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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Ashley, Jun 6, 2007.

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  1. Hey I'm Ash =) I'm 16 and I've just recently applied for the Royal Marines and I'm at the formal interview stage.

    I was wondering if anyone could give me any information which could help with my interview, I've learnt what weapons they use, where there UK bases are and some history of when they originated.

    Also, any tips on the fitness, when I spend 3 days in Lympstone I couldn't bare fail so any info on what you did and how strict they were, would be great.

  2. Enjoy learning about Corps History, as a former Marine Cadet believe me I know how fun that can be!
  3. when i went to a similar course at lympstone, just not the official one, i found it they were much more relaxed than the army the reason for this is you are a RM and they expect you to be there when told without having to scream and shout etc, however they are still strict.

    You will need to boost your fitness levels, Go running, gradually increasing pace and distance you run, work on all over body strength, doing circuit training often helps.

    Some of the stuff i think they do with you while there is:-

    Endurance Course
    3Mile Run
    pull ups, Sit Ups, Press ups
    Bleep Test
    Gym Circuit
    As well as interview and some tests i believe.

    Your AFCO centre should be able to give you a fitness programme and what are involved in the PRMC.


    Physical Preperation

    Day One PRMC

    Day Two PRMC

    Day Four PRMC

    Also Good Luck
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Here we go, a list of some, not all, sample potential RM Commando questions:

    (All Royals should join in with the answers, I'll give the questions!)

    1 When were the Royal Marines Founded? (Corps birthday)
    2 Which units make up 3 Commando Brigade & where are they based
    3 Describe the individual items on the beret badge & what they represent
    4 What is the Corps motto
    5 Name a RM Victoria Cross holder
    6 Name the 4 commando tests
    7 What is the personal weapon of the Royal Marines
    8 What happens if you get injured in training
    9 What happened at Walcheren
    10 Who was Hannah Snell
    11 Who is the Corps Commandant
    12 Where have the Royal Marines recently served operationally
    13 Which Commando unit has just returned from Afghanistan
    14 What amphibious ships could you expect to serve on in the Royal Marines
    15 How long is Commando training
    16 how long do you have to complete the Pre Joining Fitness Test (2.4Km treadmill run)
    17 PRMC- what does it stand for and entail
    18 Where do you undergo basic training


    Military Fitness & Training
    Although unofficial, there's some very good fitness training advice on this site for prospective RM recruits.

    Good luck mate!

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