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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by 9inchesofheaven, Nov 7, 2006.

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  1. hi I live in South Africa but hold a British citizenship. I'm currently studying a BSC in Biokinetics and hold conditioning specialist and personal training certificates. I'm very keen to join the RM and become a physical trainer when I'm finished. I'll be 23 at the time. Will it be possible for me to apply to become an officer of the RM? how long do I have to wait after pass out before I can specialize as a PT? and where are PT's stationed? please help guys
  2. Hello mate
    Check out the various threads on this site where people in training and old sweats like myself give advice.
  3. If I am wrong, kick me! PTI's are side-ways entry, meaning that you used to have to have served 3 yrs in your trade before applying to transfer.
  4. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Do they have Officer level PTI's as such
  5. Yeah thats correct if i remember rightly
    stand byyyyyyyyy............goooooooo!! in a high pitched dont **** with me stylee. After CTC you will have to spend time (min 3 years) operating within a unit before you can go onto said qual. Remember 9" that your a Royal Marine firstly so you have to develop your skills as a Commando by working within a fighting unit and attaining experience etc. P.T.I's were based at CTC where they obviously get to work on the nods that go through the system. As for Y.O training (Young Officer) you have to take part in a potential Officers Course (P.O.C) where they get a look at you and see whether you are elegible to go onto an Admiralty Interview Board (A.I.B) Firstly, you will need to be supremely fit as officers are expected to lead by example and this reflected in the need to complete Commando tests in faster times than nods (ordinary recruits) Secondly, you will need to be extremely switched on and have a sound knowledge of what the Corps is doing at the moment, and other current affairs. Thirdly, good luck with it, happy to help. Correct me if things have changed men as i did my training in 1991/92 so things maybe different now.
  6. Please bend over! Not in the RM, recommendation for promotion, several large hoops (burning, barbed wire, etc) and then JNCO rank. Yes Janner there are PT & Sports Officers (an amalgum of individual trg and the PT1 Cse). IMD

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