Joining the RM - Looking for a place to live

Discussion in 'International' started by imedic, May 16, 2010.

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  1. G'day chaps,

    Ex-NZ army medic here heading over to the UK in a week to join up with the Royal Marines. Flight is to London and the plan is to lurk around there for a week or so, see the sights, then settle down somewhere to start the recruiting process.

    I did have a place sorted with some friends but have just found out they're moving overseas and wont have a room available. Just wondering if anyone on here has a room to rent, not really fussy about where in the UK though ideally it would fit the following criteria:

    An AFCO somewhere in the vicinity
    Near a gym
    Employment opportunities nearby
    Not too far away from Lympstone (not terribly fussed about that)

    I'm posting this up on here as well as the ARRSE board as I'm not sure how busy this forum is.

  2. G'day

    Can't help with the room but maybe you could look at the Exeter area. Only a few minutes on the train from Lympstone. Good rail & bus connections and a regional airport. Beach is not too far away at Exmouth.

    Plenty of student type accommodation there because of the university and college. Worth looking in this area though as there are usually seasonal jobs and soon the university students will start leaving for the summer - so plenty of accommodation.

    There is an AFCO there, just a short walk from the city center to the top of Sidwell Street.
  3. Cheers guys, all good information to have. Haven't been to the UK before so this is all good stuff to know.
  4. Did you get any assistance from the Overseas Recruiting guy in London, imedic?
  5. Not overly, I was going through the AFCO in Chatham as that was near where I was going to stay but since that room is now unavailable I've pretty much put the application on hold till I've found out where in the UK I'll be living.
  6. imedic

    I think it would be a good idea to get in touch by e-mail this week with the guy at the London AFCO who deals with Overseas Recruiting:

    [email protected]

    Just gives you a ready made point of contact before you get here.

    (By the way, there are loads of Kiwis working in bars in London, if you think that might keep you going for a while)
  7. Yeah, will do. I'll give the Chatham office a shout and tell them that I'll be transferring my application over to another office as well.
  8. Update: Arrived in London yesterday, went and introduced myself at the local AFCO this morning. Looking at moving out Hampshire ways at this time.
  9. Welcome to the UK!

    Do ask us if you have any questions; I can certainly answer anything about London.
  10. Ha chatham is my local AFCO too, sorry can't help with your questions though :D

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