Joining the RFA.

Hi everyone my start date is April 28th and im joining as Deck Rating. Got my ENG 1 today and im just waiting to come down now. Im only 16 and just thought i'd see if there was anyone else in the same situation as me or anyone give me a rough idea of what i should be expecting when i get to raleigh?
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Hi, you will get an introduction to the establishment and RFA then will be undertaking the basic seamanship skills. The RFA seamanship instructors are very good at Raleigh.
hello i have been at sea now 34 years and still am at sea,stick with RFA and there BULL Sh.. you will become a good AB with them but dont get brain wash by them,but most of all enjoy your training,you are one of a very small few now who can get to sea,Good luck.keep us posted on here how you fined it,going to sea was the best thing i did,go away do the work then all that time off love it.the time off,
I am also down at Raleigh for the same date. I am ex RN... I was just wondering what happens at the end of the seamanship course? do you go straight to sea on a 4 month draft?
Cheers to everyone who has got back to me! To the people who are also starting on the 28th see you in three months, if any of you would like to send me a private message feel free.

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