Joining the RFA?

I wasn't aware that was the case. The Canadian Armed Forces does not reimburse, and the aircrew medical takes quite a bit longer than 20 minutes. That's good to know, though, so thanks.
So I had my SIFT Interview last Thursday - I haven't heard anything yet but I know that I made a mess of it - Will I be able to apply for something else in the RFA or Navy? Or is it a one time go?


Lantern Swinger
Depends how much you want it! I know guys who got into the RFA on the third go. Make sure you get feedback from the interview. Ask what your strengths and weaknesses were and obviously work on the areas that need improvement. They’ll tell you how long you’ll have to wait before you can reapply. I would imagine if you know you’ve done poorly, you’ll know where that was.
Take it on the chin and try again.
Good luck