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Joining the Rfa


@RFA at HMS Raleigh - fantastic - thank you very much for the clarification on the first 6 weeks at HMS Raleigh. Can I just check the rest of the programme will be ... chefs training at Worthy Down for 6 months, then 3 months at sea, back to Worthy Down for second 6 months, then a final 3 months at sea before qualifying - total 18 months?

RFA at HMS Raleigh

Lantern Swinger
It is not that exact, the sea trips are normally 4 months, the inital 6 months is made up of the time with me and then the remainder at Worthy Down.
There are 2 weeks of STCW courses prior to going to sea.
There is not a Worthy Down part 2, but there is an End point process before you finish which varies in time.

Nominally works as follows:

6 months in training
2 weeks of stcW courses
4 month trip
1 month leave
4 month trip
1 month leave
1 month - final EPA process

About 17 1/2 months, but each Apprenitce will have a slightly different journey, depending on personal circumstances and competency.
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