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I was recently turned down by the royal navy due to having 6/15 aided vision in my right eye I passed the RT test for CIS and passed the the interview. My career adviser told me I'm eligible for the RFA so I've applied for a seamanship apprentice I was just wondering what's the waiting time, what's the eyesight requirements and if I passed the rt test for the RN will I have to do it again? Any information will be helpful thanks.
The best thing to do would be to ring RFA recruitment - 02392725371.

I believe the RT test should be valid from RN to RFA - the inverse is true. Seaman Apprentice is a very popular choice and is oversubscribed. You can 'pass' the RT but not score highly enough to be selected for interview.

There may be quite a wait. Sift (where they look at application forms, RT test results and supporting information and decide who's getting invited down for interview) has just happened for Seaman Apprentice. It may be next year before it happens again - but ask Recruitment on the number above.

Just be aware of how competitive the application is. There's very few places and lots of candidates - you need to do everything possible to make yourself stand out.
I'll have a look and because I haven't got the ecdl parts 1 and 2 , because I work I'll have to pay to go to college and do it but ill just have wait and see what happens thanks for all of you commenting on the thread like I said any information is helpful
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