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I'm in the process of my application for a systems engineering cadet with the RFA. I have a few questions that my local AFCO cant answer!

1. How long is the application process? I sat the RT last week and have confirmation I have passed that, what happens next and how long from here?

2. I understand I have to attend Britannia Naval college for a 7 week course once Ive passed the AIB - is there a specific start date or are there regular ones? IE if I get a place this Novemeber would I have to wait until september next year to go?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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Question number 1:It meant take a few months to god know's how long so don't quit college/Uni/work till you get a definite start date and offer.

Question 2: I believe there are few dates per season.

Anyway the best people to talk to is @Bluebird79 I believe did a cadetship or at least is currently a officer but he can correct me if I am wrong and @BaldRik just had a provisional offer. PM them or they might pop up on here also here's a blog on the subject.
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The application process took quite a while for me. I didn't hear back from the RFA after I passed the RT for quite a few months, so be prepared to wait and be patient.
Once you hear back from them you'll probably either be invited for an interview to determine your suitability for attending the AIB or told your application was unsuccessful, but if it's the latter you can give them a call and have a chat about why and what you can work on before you reapply.

I've been offered a place in the 1st Oct intake this year and I think there was one in June as well, I think they were the only intakes this year but I can't say for sure. Also, that's for marine engineering and deck officer cadets, it might be different for systems engineers.

Where did you hear you only have to attend BRNC for 7 weeks? For ME and deck it's 10. Not saying you're wrong, just haven't heard that before!

One last thing, I think using our actual names on here is a bit taboo for security reasons, you'll probably want to get that changed.. (PERSEC!)


Oh, and this forum has a lot of great information in it to help you prepare for the application process, just use the search function and trawl through some old threads. The information is all there!
Thanks everyone for your replies. I will have to just wait and see and stop being so impatient I guess!
As soon as I can work out how to change my name I will!


The course is currently 10 weeks, however it is dependent on the DO and the college Captain. It doesn't matter which department you're entering as because the entries are mixed. The whole process from applying to BRNC is about a year and there are three intakes per year currently: January, June and October.


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Good morning, sorry for the delay in replying (I'm currently on ship). I'm a deck cadet coming to the end of my training, happy to answer any questions you may have.
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