Joining the RFA questions?

Hi I am new to the site and I am considering a career in the RFA and I have a couple of questions.

1st: Are there any staff tour opportunities or are you always at sea in the RFA as a office or a rating?
2nd: Is the RFA a great way to get into a maritime security career?
3rd: I am currently studying Computing at A level and was wondering if anyone has any recommend roles in the RFA?

Thank you very much for your time
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1. Plenty of Staff jobs and not just RFA ones. Mostly for officers 2/O and above with a bit of experience, who have been through Staff College and for deck and engineer officers in X and E appointments, a senior, usually Class 1 Certificate of Competency.

Staff jobs for Ratings, usually Senior, are mostly in teaching.

2. WTF? No. The old man and his senior officers may get valuable exposure to the operational and strategic level of counter piracy and an OBE, but at the tactical level, the Royal Marines do the muscular stuff assisted by RN pilots. There is / was an RFA Officer on UKMCC staff in Bahrain. RFA may provide cover with a wide array of weaponry but that doesn't make them Jack Bauer. While the RFA do a lot more higher level constabulary operations than before and have even taken fire from pirates none of them are fast roping from helicopters, dressed all warry, onto pirate motherships.

3. Is that all? On its own is not as useful as GCSE at B or better in maths, English, physics/dual science if you want to be a cadet.
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I know the nationality requirements are or were that you had to be British to join the RFA, my question is this, my stepson who is 18 and Portuguese, and has a level 4 (Portuguese) cookery/pastry certificate and has expressed a wish to join the RFA, he is pretty much fluent in English so language wouldn't be a problem, but is his nationality a bar?


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I can't find a reference for this but I do recall hearing that the RFA had relaxed its eligibility criteria due to the current manning issues

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