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"Joining the RFA as an Engineering Officer Cadet through the HND route"

I have applied with the RFA to become an officer cadet, I am 23 and have been a mechanic since i was 16, I applied with the RFA because i wanted to better myself and secure a good future for myself, I am extremely enthusiastic to join but to be honest i dont know as much about the RFA, RN or RM as much as i should! I have my pyschometric test on tuesday which im not worrying about too much, its the sift interview and then the AIB interview that are my main concern. If anyone could advise me or point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated!

-How hard is the RFA to get into compared to the RN?
-How much knowledge am i expected to know at this stage?
-What areas should i concentrate on?
-What is involved in both the sift and AIB interviews?
-Is there anything obvious that newbies like me tend to fail on?
-Also Anything else that anyone feels relevent would be great!

Many thanks - Chris


Hi Chris,

I'm about to start as a FD deck cadet.
The recruitment process for the RFA is very similar to the RN, however the RFA only take on about 20 engineering officer cadets a year due to the curent financial situation the numbers are even less so competition is high.
Knowledge you are expected to be able to prove to the recruitment team that you are serious about joining so basically as much as possible. Know your training route, different ships, roll of and engineering officer etc.
The sift is a formal chat you needto demonstrate that youare ready for the AIB.
The AIB, there is loads of info on here about it. It is hard but is there for you to show your abilities as a leader. My advice is preparation the more you do the easier it will be.

Good luck
Thanks alot rob, i think i need to just do my home work before i go so im as ready as i can be! I have my sift interview next month so should have plenty of time to gain kinowledge,

thanks again
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