Joining The Navy :)

Hi ,my name is Gary and I am going to join the Navy . I'm 21 years old and cannot wait for a great life at sea,though I have a few questions.

I am considering a few possibilities :

Personnel Logistician

Steward - Catering Services Logistician

Supply Chain Logistician

What kind of waiting times are there for these? and could anyone give me some reasons for why they went with/ I should go with a particular one?

Im really just looking for as much information as possible and this seems like a decent forum. Also on RT ,what is the pass marks etc ?

Hey Gary,

Not much further down the line that you, just waiting for my medical.

Honestly, BBC GCSE Bitesize was the biggest help going for my recruitment test though. The test consists of English, Maths, Non verbal reasoning and Mechanical comprehension.

Best of luck
RT test's i have been practising on have not been that bad really . What sort of seatime do you get with the above careers I have mentioned? cheers

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