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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by stephens, Jan 10, 2007.

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  1. Hi. I am interested in joining the navy as I am fed up with my 9 to 5 desk job. I currently work as a web developer and have been for the past six years. I have no formal qualifications but a lot of project management experience. I am wondering if anyone can offer me some advice about what trades I may be offered when joining? I would definitely like to work on-board ship and get away from an office environment. I am also keen to learn new skills and travel.
  2. Please contact your local; AFCO they will best advise you on the type of branch's that would suit your needs and requirements for the RN, BUT PLEASE CONSIDER A TRADE THAT YOU COULD FOLLOW ON IN A CIVVY CAREER AFTER YOUR NAVY ONE HAS ENDED.

    Keep us posted and there are more experanced members than myself, they are very helpful, and will gladly assist you in your quest for becoming a matelot.

    Good luck, o by the way welcome to RR.

  3. Welcome

    Certainly getting along to the AFCO is very good advice, how much you are driven getting a useful trade for the afterlife will depend on how long you really intend to stay as I would suggest that for many getting hooks or buttons on their arm are as important in future employment as any particular trade, as when you leave you are going to be of an age where employers will be ass impressed by leadership and management skills as any thing else.

  4. Hi Stephens,

    all of the above...good any specifics here on the site when you decide which direction/career you wish to take.

    I recommend the Fleet Air Arm Branch, you can get to see & stay on terra firma.

    Good luck
  5. In the first instance look at the RN website, then talk to your local careers office.

    Take the advice you get here with a pinch of dehydrated seawater.

    First stab though - CIS branch (Comms & Information systems)
  6. On the other hand he could join Gods chosen ones in the Submarine Service.
  7. Maxi

    Didn't god send them down there because he couldn't stand the sight of them - out of sight is out of mind !!!!!!!!

    INCOMING :lol:
  8. If that had been the case he wouldn't have let us come up again, and then trap all the totty.
  9. Thanks for all your good advice. I will pop into my careers office.
  10. Couldn't bear the smell more like !!
  11. See my comment above, and there was nothing like the smell opf diesel

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