Joining the navy with Aspergers Syndrone (Autism)?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Andy, Apr 15, 2009.

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  1. I have a very mild form of Asperger's Syndrome (a form of Autism) - it barely affects me at all, in fact it would be pretty impossible to know I have it just by talking to me .etc. It only affects my ability to socialise with people, i.e I'm quiet, but very focused, and don't really like chit chat - just cut to the chase .etc

    However, when I went down to the navy careers office today, the chap told me that I might not be able to join because I have it. I tried to explain that it is very mild and doesn't really affect me at all anymore (I was diagnosed when I was 12, and I am now 21 - I pretty much grew out of it) - so he's gonna check with a doctor and I'm gonna go back tomorrow for another chat

    Is this something they can review on a case by case basis? Or is it just like AUTISM=CAN'T JOIN.FULL STOP.?

    Anyone have any stories or experience with people with autism joining?

    This is a real downer, 'cos I've had any heart set on being an engineer for months now :(

    Since it's impossible to notice I have it, could I just get by if I don't disclose it in my application? or would that just be stupid?
  2. Not disclosing can equal later discharge...
  3. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I have absolutely no idea but I note you have also put the same question on Arrse, expect some flack; many will assume that if you have Aspergers you are Autistic with the associated "rain man" imagery.

    I suspect the best place for your question is in Health and Medical where our resident Doctor AngryDoc might be able to enlighten you, perhaps pm him.

    If you are excluded keep your chin up, there are plenty of other opportunities to become an engineer. If all else fails pm me and I will let you know of an organisation who are currently recruiting this years batch of engineering apprentices for the energy sector including offshore oil & gas.
  4. I have never heard of Asperger's Syndrome before!
    I am not sure how it would affect you in the Navy especially as you admit that you are not very good at socialising,I did meet a few who were quiet and a bit withdrawn, but on the whole most matelots that I met were very sociable..especially after a gallon of alcohol.

    P.S. 90% of all matelots have tourettes syndrome, the other 10% are bunch of F*****g W******s
  5. Hi Andy,

    As you have already been told at the AFCO, the only person who can give you a definate answer is the AFCO medical examiner. That said when you are issued your application form there is a set of explanitory notes for the application form, in them is the following notes on medical:-

    Hope this helps, my honest opinion is that you will probably be required to go to a specialist medical for a definate decision.

    Take care and best of luck with your application


  6. Hello

    My mate has the exact same condition, i remember he tried for the Army last year and was told he is ineligible due to this, but he has it bad

    Ongoing psychiatric illness. Psychosis. Schizophrenia Obsessive-compulsivedisorder. Autism. Personality disorder.

    it is up to the Doc in the end

    Good Luck
  7. So it ain't a definite 'no' that I can't join? 'cos if I could just sit down and chat with someone, I'm sure they'd quickly see that I ain't crazy or anything :)

    Thanks for the replies

    Going back tomorrow to chat with the AFCO again and see what the doctor said to him
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  8. I imagine he's going to recommend the RAF Regiment ...
  9. Hi

    Once again, those now grown up are reaping what was down in earlier life. Aspergers, I would argue, is not autism, but an extreme form of stereotypically male behaviour. I've known several teenagers referred as "Is it Aspergers" whose parents were told "Nope, but he's definitely a bloke".

    The reality is that the label sticks, and as such the condition is considered a bar to entry. This is because it is impossible to grade it: mild and severe is easy but when does mild become moderate and when does it become severe? Also, how would it be affected by isolation, being stuck in a messdeck with 38 others (some of whom may not be terribly Aspergers-esque)?

    Ultimately it's the call of the AFCO ME but, as a uniformed MO, I'm not sure the condition is compatible with Service life. Sorry.

    Great advice from ChiefTiff though- not all avenues are closed. On a separate note, lying on your application form is not a good idea. For a start, it's not very Aspergers at all! It also shows lack of conviction, honesty and we always find out. I can't quote figures, but those who make false claims on their forms get pulled up and thrown out- and asked not to bother re-applying. A pretty high-risk strategy.

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  10. Gosh doc - you have a terrible stutter there.
  11. O2 bloody useless network bastards!
  12. Always find out??

    Oh no you don’t.
  13. I haven't the foggiest how it will pan out for you but good luck. The reality is that many with this condition lead as normal a life as the rest of us. Many excel in areas where mathematical skills are important, or in areas where logic rules, so even if the RN turns out to be a no no, you will find other avennues which may well be as rewarding.
  14. hello sir
    my name is paul abakah fynn from ghana and i want to join navy
  15. hello sir
    my name is paul abakah fynn from ghana and i want to join navy
  16. Right, then your in. :lol:
  17. That’s very true.

    Andy has my sympathy and I wish him good luck. The Navy’s loss will be someone elses gain.

    The sad thing is that somebody with high functioning, mild Aspergers may be denied the opportunity to serve, even though they could make a valuable contribution.

    When I served there were always a number of “odd†blokes onboard. Maybe there wasn’t a label that could be pinned on them in those days.

    If they only take on “normal†people, I am surprised that there are enough bodies to crew the ships.
  18. Unless you are related to Joe Barnor I have no real objection.
  19. I find the concept of actually defining 'normal' people quite frightening, what is normal, after all to me RR is sanity compared to Arrse, but of course Arrse may be normal, heaven forbid, E Goat.
  20. Id say dont mention it on your forms, if its not severe they are not going to notice it anyway. Youll get better at socialising after youve been in for a while, you are probably just a slightly awkward young man.

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