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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by mufc1990, Sep 12, 2010.

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  1. so far i have completed my eye test fitness test medical and have passed my interview.
    my next step is a 4 day trip to scotland and i am wondering what to prepare for?what i need to take?and also is there anything i can read up on or revise to improve myslef prior to going?

    all help appriciated

  2. What trade are you intending to join the navy as?

    i would suggest reading up on general submarine knowledge and try and find out in as much detail what your potential onboard role would entail, what RN submarines we have, where they are based, what missions they perform and as i find with some of the lads coming through that:-

    A: it comes as a shock to them that you will actually have to go to sea on a submarine and you will be away from your family and friends without or with limited contact for sometimes long periods of time.

    B: They have not fully understood or researched what their job does onboard and are led to believe they can branch change easily by the careers office or raliegh, progressively passing the buck along the chain.

    heres a few links to get you started:-

    hope that is of some use to you mate
  3. In all honesty just make sure you go with a good attitude and a decent fitness level (you dont need to be superman) and you will be fine.
    There are no pass of fail tests.
    You will do a mile and a half just make sure you can pass this as you will look a bit daft if you cant.
    As for stuff to take not a lot a few changes of clothes, wash kit etc.
  4. joining as a mechanical engineer,fingers crossed

    cheers for the links anything i need to take upto scotland with me cvs?certificates?clothes?running trainers?
  5. A mehanical engineer? Have you got your own branch?
  6. I think the careers office would be your best bet for this info fella, give your local one a ring and speak to the navy desk their to find out what you need to take with you. they might have a list they can email you.

    edited: have a look at this, its a document for the royal naval acquaint course which i think is what your going on about

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