Joining the Navy at 16

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Tramp_kidnapper, Jan 20, 2009.

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  1. hello all! im new to rumration so be kind :p
    anyway i want to join after school and really am looking forward to this adventure, any tips on what i will do at raleigh or what the first few weeks will be like?

    Thanks all in advance :)
  2. Try this link for advice on raleigh.

    Recruit diary

    Good luck

  3. The best thing you could do is pop into your nearest careers office and they will show you a DVD all about Raleigh and the Careers advisor will be able to answer any question you have.


  4. I joined at 16 yrs, I strongly recommend you dont, but not knowing your background I cant really relate my comment to your situation.
    Why you ask?
    1. Your colleagues will be going out on the pull, when you have to be back onboard for midnight, would this happen at home if you are in college?
    2. Weekend travel will be a chore as you cant drive, you might be lucky to cadge a lift from someone who may live near you.
    3. Financially, A year and half of earning wages without it being pensionable.
    4. Being way out of your depth, if many of your fellow recruits are significantly older than you.
    5. Missing out being a proper student with your mates, and enjoying life as a 16/17 yr old, this wont happen in the mob.

    Personally I regret not going to college and then joining as an 18 yr old. But good luck whatever you do ;)
  5. I don't know what your educational standard is so my advice will be fairly broad.

    If you have several GCSEs at grades A to C then continue with your education and attempt to obtain several GCSE A levels relevant to the RN.
    Then apply to become an officer.

    If on the other hand you failed your GCSEs miserablythen I sugest staying on at school and retaking them to improve your grades. This will give you a far better selection of trades to choose from in the RN. Presuming of course that you pay attention to your teachers and do well. :p
  6. I Joined at 16 and my lad joined at 16 and by the time were both 18 we had seen half the world (Not at the same time I must add !!)
    Beats sitting on your arse picking your spots and going downhill thinking what could have been if you had joined up.
  7. Good name.
  8. Hey Tramp joined at 15 got out of the council estate I was living in got real mates, good football lots of self confidence and character. Do it mate civvies boring feckers dead end jobs no money and no travel. Training is hard but if my daughter can get through so can you. If you don't like it leave its not total commitment me 35 years, loved it - so does my daughter give it a go mate.
  9. Slim you boring fcucker get him in then he will get the direction and support he wants.
  10. Yeah cheers Stan, all those boring civvies in dead end jobs, how does the population of this country survive without putting a bullet in their heads or throwing themselves in front of the No.10, rather a sweeping comment there fella.
    All Im suggesting is that he enjoys being a 16/17 yr old lad, he wont get them years back. Is the Navy going to change in those 2 yrs he doesnt join, no it frigging wont, will he change, most definately.
  11. So if i do A levels (im set to get decent GCSE a - c grades) then go to raliegh at 18 will i be able to do a degree via naval sponsorship?

    thanks for the swift responce so far guys :D
  12. Hey A Mack worked for me got my GCSEs for SD through the pusser but learnt real life skills living with older men with families and associated snags, I reckon by the age of 18 I had the maturity of guys in civvy street much older than me. Played good football and squash for Pompey two afternoons a week paid for by the good old taxpayer and travelled to places working class kids could never dream of.
  13. Hi,

    I joined at 16 and 3 months and would join again if I had the chance. I enjoyed my 16-18 years, as when I went home I had money to spend and stories to tell all your mates. Yes you will have a deal with cinderella leave (back in the camp by midnight), Not officially being allowed to drink. However I went on a far east deployment when 17 and actully spent my 18 birthday in Hong Kong.

    If you want to go to college/do further educaton then do it. The navy will not go away and as said you might get in as an officer. However, if you've had enough of School, then give it a go. What harm can it really do, you have the option to leave the RN during the first 6 months if you don't like it.


  14. Not so, if you go for officer, you could go in after A levels into the Warfare, Royal Marine and Logistic branchs. If you want engineering or Medical, then you will need to get a degree and the Navy might help you with sponsorship, but places are few and far between at the moment. If you do join as an officer you will not go to Raleigh, but go straight to BRNC Dartmouth instead.


  15. TK,

    As slim says, if you get decent grades and go on to take your A levels at school you should then be able to join up as an hoccifer.

    You'll find you will be treated more as an adult than your age would suggest compared to joining as a rating. You'll have more responsibility at a younger age and you'll also earn a higher income more quickly.

    If you do a full career you'll see plenty of the world anyway so there's no need to rush into it a 16.
  16. Ok comment but going on to A levels doesn't put money in your pocket and is extremely boring at 17 in civvy street - the career choice is with you throughout your career, to go the commisioned route FFS let kids enjoy themselves then make career choices which the service allows you to do, plus any SD officer will always have more respect at 20+ than any direct entry,
  17. Utter tosh. I've met some good officers who were direct entries and met some c0cks who were SDs. It's not down to WHEN or how they became officers but what they are like as people. And that's no different for ratings, whether JRs or SRs. I've met more mature ABs and had more respect for them than some POs & CPOs.

    How can you say that it is extemely boring at 17 as a civvy? That's a massive sweeping generalisation and wildly inaccurate. You might have been bored but I suspect you had not a lot going for you at that age which is why you joined up when you did. There are many young people who enjoy what they are doing at that age and find plenty to occupy themselves.
  18. Just out of interest, how would you know?

    I wouldn't, and couldn't recommend that anyone join up that young, while life in the mob is great, there is other stuff out there, get some A levels (or highers/NVQs/National Diploma etc) and work a shit job in mcdonalds or something to earn your spending money. Granted, you won't be bringing home 16k a year doing it, but you'll sure as hell enjoy the mob a lot more if you know what it's actually like on the other side of the fence and if you do well in further education, join as an officer and pull in £35k+ after 3 or so years.
  19. Another point, if you do the sh1t job before joining up then you may think twice if things become tough in the first 6 months - rather than jacking it in and realising it was better in the RN.
  20. hey guys, so the majority would say go to college to join as an officer in logistics or warfare, what do they do, i have read the website but just want some peoples view, will it set me up after my career in thje mob is over?
    also i heard if you have A levels you can go to the AIB and get sponsorship for a degree whilst you serve would this be the way to go or if i want to go to uni should i stay civvy till 21 and get a navy sponsorship?

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