Joining the Navy as a Dual National and Career questions


Hello, I plan on joining the Royal Navy but I am a Dual National (UK/US) and I was born in the UK. I am unsure as to if this would cause issues for my career as it would in the US Navy (not being able to hold a rank with any clearance), I am registered for US selective service and I'm not sure if that complicates things.

The other question I had was how a career as a Marine Engineer Officer compares to that of a Naval Jet Pilot, I am on a course for MEng Mechanical Engineering and am leaning towards the Marine Engineering as a result, that and as far as I'm aware, the employabilty and wages after service is better for engineering than piloting. Of course the reason for piloting is that it is something unique to the forces and the thrill of it.

Any help for either query would be helpful, thanks!


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The other question I had was how a career as a Marine Engineer Officer compares to that of a Naval Jet Pilot

About 40,000 ft and 1,200 mph........................................


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'Well that's a more literal take I guess... but thanks? '

Limmyhop mate, I was a bit flippant because unless you live under a stone you know the answer to your own question re the difference between a pilot and an engineer

No one can answer your question as no one can see 25 years (ish) ahead - you might become a pilot but when you leave all aircraft could be unmanned - same as engineer everything could be remotely operated from an IPad - who knows ?

and lastly this isn't a forum of experts, it's a forum for fun (mainly) - I personally would attempt to talk to an actual pilot and engineer who are current - most of us finished 20 plus years ago and now know nuffink John :)


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There may be problems with the commitment to the US forces. I believe that you have to get a certificate of waver (or whatever it's called) before being considered for the RN> Check with your AFCO which should be your first port of call for advice.

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