Joining The Belfast Detachment

What details do I need to join all I have is birth Certificate will that do, and is there a recomended fitness programme I can start doing prior to even going to the Afco, I have spoke with 2 of my mates in the rm they seem to think I am scared and I should join up full time
Well are you scared, should you join up full time? Only you know!

1. Call the AFCO and ask them what they need to process you
2. Contact RMR Scotland as per the thread on the RMR forum.
3. Understand what is requried for the/any selection process, again look at previous threads.

The hardest part is commitment, square that away and you will have a fun filled career in the RMR.

"Actions are good, however results count" No more questions lad!

all i have to do now is convince my girlfriend, any tips cos she isnt having any of it she is giving me shit that i will be away all the time and we wont be able to plan anything, but i want to be a commando so **** the planning.(hopefully she never reads this)


Lantern Swinger
Chris, I don't know your girlfriend so don't know the best way to sweet talk her. If she doesn't support you and is "giving you shit" is she really the girl for you. Don't let a woman stand in your way.
What is stopping you from joining up full time??
I would do but I have made hoilday plans so it wouldnt be until feb/mar 08
I just want to try rmr first and if i can prove to myself that i am caple enough of passing i will def join up full time i would hate to go full time and fail come back and start a fresh, I am confident but just need assurence. plus i am a crap swimmer so gives me time to get lessons
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