Joining Submarine service (Trades)

Hello everyone , i have applied as a submariner and have passed the RT 3 years ago for surface fleet but was delayed at medical because of a benign condition that has been treated, then work got in the way and family life so my RT ran out of being valid, i reapplied this month and have to resit my RT on Wednesday the 7th nov. I was just wondering i have applied as a medical assistant submariner , currently i am a retained firefighter so i thought the role would benefit me in the style of work i like and that is helping people in a nutshell. However i have read around and have heard that medical assistants dont get as much sea time as the other trades ... this is something i would like to improve my chances of having to get as much experience and sea time out of the navy as possible. My second choice was Marine engineer submariner, i also hear they are more in demand ? Is this true ? Is it too late to change my choice ? and what trades are also in high demand , if any ?

Thanks in advance


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