joining soon!

had my pre joining brief today, covered most of what i needed to know, i have my kit list but there is no mention of the marker pens ppl talk about, is there any advice ppl can give me on extra kit that may prove a life saver at basic.

also they want vaccination history. is this just a list of what i had and when? eg. just jabs which relate to things like mmr and bcg?


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If you have a shufty at Raleigh joining tips you may pick up the odd thing however the definitive kitlist is given to you at your pre-entry brief (which should include ALL you want to know- rather than "most" of it, that's why we have the brief), it is also on the RN website & is also available on the stickies section here. In real terms however, if it isn't on the official list, you don't need it- that's why we have a list.

I wouldn't worry too much what's on your immunisation & vaccination history, which you get a copy of from your GP, but suffice to say you will be given boosters as necessary.
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