Joining Royal Naval Reserve as a single Parent

Hey Guys,

Im a single mother at the moment and would love to join the RNR. I have a appointment at HMS Flying Fox on the 9th of November but just wanting to get as much information before then. Iv been told about a 10 week training course, but in the booklet that i was sent it only shows 20 weeks of either evening or weekend classes and then 2 weeks at HMS Raleigh. Im not sure if the ten week training comes after that? or if iv completely got the wrong end of the stick with the ten week training. Iv also been reading about a Care plan for my family but i cant find any specific information and i may even be reading US information. If i was to be deployed do i need to sign over care of my daughter? does it have to be her next of kin? or can it be someone else? Any info or experiences would be really helpful.

Thanks in advance

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Righty Ho,

The ten week training course is for full time RN. There are occasions when reservists can do the full ten weeks if they wish but generally the RNR training courses are one or two weeks long. You prepare for your basic by doing an in unit INT program over several weeks / months with some weekends thrown in. Once you've completed the in unit stuff you go to Raleigh for two weeks to consolodate everything you've learned and put it into practice. They run these courses around 4 times a year so you basically get to pick your most convient dates. So basically for your first 6 to 8 months you only need care for your child on drill nights (once a week) and maybe three or four weekends (Friday evening to sunday afternoon).

Once you've completed Raleigh you choose your branch - your time in unit should have given you a good idea of what each branch is about. Depending on the branch your training should be done in one or two week courses, although as you get further along the training pipeline some courses may be longer.

As for signing over care of your daughter i'm not sure. It would make sense but you would be best of asking someone who knows more about it. Not really sure about a care package. There is assistance when you get deployed. If you need extra child care etc then this can be claimed as part of your pay award however I would suggest that it will be years before you'd be looking to get mobilised.

Hope this helps.

Edited to add that FF has some great guys and i'm sure that you'll find them really helpful.

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