joining royal marines after discharge from army

i left british army infantry training got to week 11 and then discharged.I left for a few reasons one of them was i was told that i would be able to go to 1rifles and do commando course.when i got their i was informed because i lived within 70 miles of the barracks i couldnt go there.the only reason i joined the rifles was to be a commando get some experience then join the royal i would of ended up in germany,northern ireland or scotland which i didnt want.but no one explains that to you at the careers office.Also had possible compartment syndrome in left shin that i covered up.I had good reports and i was in the top third of my platoon.the officer in charge of discharges said that he would put it so i could join back up straight away with no waiting between joining back up.will i get messed around because i discharged from the army?


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Firstly it depends under which category you were discharged - a medical discharge from the Army or a history of compartment syndrome (Army or civilian GP) may well be an issue - if it materialises in the first 56 days of RM training, you will be discharged. Conduct upon discharge must be exemplary & the category of discharge must not exclude further service.

Med Docs take between 4 to 6 months to be sent from the Army Personnel Centre when requested at the time of applying - so be ready for a long wait from the outset.

As with all servicemen & women, you go where you are sent - it isn't up for negotiation although you are entitled to state a preference. At present 40 & 42 Commando are pretty full, so odds are, if you successfully complete selection & Recruit Training you will quite possibly go to FPGRM (Scotland) 45 (Scotland).
thanks for the quick reply.discharged as of right and im currently waiting to get my leg pressure tested by with bupa so if i do need operation it should get done fast.if i passed i wouldnt mind now if i had to go to scotland.just wanted to be closer to home if possible.but i wanted to join 1rifles so didnt want to go to the other rifles battalions.should of just joined the royal marines from the outset but you live and it would be good idea to start application right away then.I've just got to wait for discharge certificate which hasnt arrived after 11 weeks.


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There's little point applying until you are fully discharged from any outpatients treatment as the application cannot be moved forward until the applicant can be passed fit medically.


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Re: joining royal marines after discharge fron army

Why didn't you join the RM in the first place if that is what wanted?
Hardly showed any commitment by getting out as soon as you were told that you couldn't go where you wanted. What happens when they tell you that you have to go to 45 Cdo when you want 40 Cdo or you have to go to Aghan and you don't want to go?
When you put in your DPC (Draft preference card, wish list, dream sheet or what ever you want to call it), it is only so Drafty knows where you would like to go. If he sends you somewhere else it is because he needs you there instead of the place you have asked for.

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