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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by chaz01br, Nov 10, 2012.

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  1. Hi,

    I have just taken the R/T test to join the RNR and next have to get a medical. I had taken the test once before in 92 0r 91 to join the mob. I was previously a WAFU from 93 to 2007 and am now a Navigator offshore on seismic survey ships. I work a 6 week on 6 off routine so will have to get the medical when I am back in the UK. My understanding is that I have to start all over again from square one. Providing I pass the medical and interview does anyone know what happens from there. I think you start in the local unit before going to Raleigh, any idea what you do. Also what happens in the 2 weeks at Raleigh as opposed to when I joined up. I am unsure of what branch to join aswell although I don't want to go into the Wafu part of the RNR. Taking the test was quite a blast form the past as the one of the lads taking the test was born after I had joined up although the DVD about Raleigh they showed did state at the end that once you had passed out that was the only time you would have to do it. Hmmmmm!
  2. Unless bits have fallen off since you were last in, you should be medically OK. (I've been RNR for four years and never yet been formally medically checked, which tells you how important the Powers That Be consider it - if you can pass your RNFT without dying you're okay for normal jogging, and they should check before they send you anywhere exciting).

    New Entry training in unit and at a couple of weekends is basically militarisation and skills; if you're ex-regular you'll find it straightforward, but since with your background you ought to know most of it, you'll also probably be tapped up to help educate the newbies. The minimum requirement at the moment seems to be some classroom work in the unit (including some marching up and down the square outdoors); a militarisation weekend at Raleigh with drill, skills, packing bergens and sleeping outdoors on Saturday night (which is an eye-opener for some, routine for others, and depends on the weather how uncomfortable it gets); and a marinisation weekend at Dartmouth with some work on the Hindostan, some work in whalers on the river, and some more general training, before you head off to Raleigh for your two weeks.

    Branch choice: you don't need to decide early, so take the opportunity to ask around and see what each one does, who the personalities in each are, where you think you'd fit in both with the work, the requirements and the people. From personal experience, if there's somewhere you want to be, work while you're a New Entry (with distinctive deflector-screens on your shoulder to defuse any silly questions you ask) is rarely wasted. If there's somewhere you'd fit and they agree, then early contact and discussion helps a lot to make sure you apply when they have a vacancy.

    Your seagoing experience won't be directly useful (the RNR doesn't go to sea much) but won't hurt a bit and will probably be called on to help others; especially if you go commissioned, or else to help anyone trying to do so (Fleet Board has a lot of questions that are hard to answer if you're not familiar with ships...)

    Know what you mean about age, as well - at the moment (unless contradicted) I believe I'm the second-oldest sublieutenant in the RNR. Still, age and treachery will usually defeat youth and enthusiasm - DBF!

    Best of luck with it - hope it goes well for you.
  3. You don't even sleep outside any more on Militarisation.

    2007 isn't that long ago, especially given you had 14 years in - if you do have to do the whole of new entry again someone really needs to point out to CMR it might not be the best encouragement for ex-RN to rejoin...
    Obviously if you're joining a new branch you'll have to train up in that, but marks of respect, naval terminology and folding clothes?
  4. Thanks for the reply,

    To be honest I'm not bothered about the medical and fitness test although I don't like the mile and a half as it's a bit too short for me although I would be hoping for about 9.5 mins which I think is ok for 39. Whilst in the mob I could do sub 9 mins.
    I'm not really aiming for a commision although some of the branch titles seem completely different to being a regular and no one really seems to want to tell you as an ex regular what they really are without the gloss. As for going back to square one I'm more than willing and will participate enthusiastically although I don't think a great deal will be learnt. CmdKeen you would have thought that the Navy would be very keen to get ex regulars into the RNR and fast track them it would certainly save money and time. I like you don't really understand why after 14 years and having been to Raleigh for longer once before of what benefit it will serve although if that's whats needed hey ho. Personally I would have thought a bit of inhouse training at the unit some new 8's and then off to trade training. The funny thing is I still have to reply to Kentigern house in Glasgow each year to tell them where I live incase I get recalled for service. As for a weekend marinisation training I reckon I've got that covered!
  5. It went away but it's come back: INT training for the RNR has got noticeably steelier in the last year or two. One incentive to get through BRNC, in the officer-cadet pipeline, is to be in a warm classroom during the day (watching the OCs and the NEs do drill in the rain) and to have a pleasant evening in the Wardroom bar followed by a night indoors in a warm bed, listening to the rain battering the windows and thinking "I'm glad I'm not out in that any more..."

    Sounds as if the OP should storm it pretty fast, and be an asset to the newbies. Agree it doesn't sound entirely necessary, but on the other hand it's useful to establish relationships and build your bona fides and help the others. (I'm a direct entry officer who knows far too much about some warfare issues the RNR doesn't generally worry about, but which do come up at Fleet Board, so you help your comrades as much as you can - just as the A/Lt in our unit, who in his day job is a merchant mariner master, has been *invaluable* to us for his experience and knowledge)

    If Chaz is willing to jump through the hoops then with the right attitude (s)he'll likely be a big help to the class they're with.
  6. Hi Chaz,

    Not wishing to contradict any other posters on here but my thoughts would be as follows;

    I would be amazed if you had to do new entry again. What would be the point? Fourteen years in the MOB (even as a WAFU :thumbleft:) making you do 12 months new entry would be a waste of everyone's time and resources.

    I would also be amazed if you had to do RALEIGH again for the same reasons. A complete waste of everyone's time.

    You will have to provide your discharge papers to make sure that you are recommended for further service and the doc will want to see your RN medical records - I understand that they just require your permission to get their hands on em.

    As for "Unless bits have fallen off since you were last in, you should be medically OK" wouldn't bank on it. Lots of things can prevent you from joining. We has an ex-CPO CIS who left the MOB and walked into the AFCO to join our lot a week later. They checked his medical history and declined him due to high blood pressure despite our RTC being desperate for someone with his experience. High blood pressure was fine while in but once he'd left he had to meet all the same medical requirements as a newby. Ridiculous really. I know of several other instances where things like this have occured so be warned.

    I'm also amazed with the experiences jrwlynch "I've been RNR for four years and never yet been formally medically checked, which tells you how important the Powers That Be consider it". Unless you've transfered over as opposed to leaving the regulars and then joining the reserves? You certainly should not be able to avoid the medical if you've been outside for any length of time.

    Running out of air time at work but will try to respond to your other queries later

  7. Right, as I was saying.
    Medically it's a minefield. Simple things like being prescribed an enhaler can rule you out for four years. Suspected IBS can rule you out for 2 years and the list goes on and on.

    Branches available all depends on what you want to do.
    WARSEA - provide ships protection teams to the RN/RFA. Plenty of opportunities to mobilise.

    Logistics - basically making sure people and things get where they're supposed to be and are accounted for when they arrive. Not too many opportunities for sea time but good mobilisation prospects.

    Diving - if you have paddy open water qual and around 1000 minutes, are very fit then this may be of interest.

    CIS - basically IT based comms. Not too much of the VS these days unless you go on the RFA's as the Sea Spec tend to do it in the RN.

    Mine warfare - does what it says on the tin basically. They do seem to be grooming people to work in the Tasking Authority though which means from killick you may end up with less hands on time and more office time.

    MTO - not too familiar with this branch but I understand its office based stuff keeping an eye on shipping movements.

    As for officer trades there's -

    Amphib- provides amphibious watchkeepers for the LPD's, LPH, LPD(A). They plan and manage amphibious operations. Highly in demand.

    Logistics - see above.

    Intel Ops - collating, analysing and briefing on intelligence issues.

    Media Ops - basically making sure that the RN is seen in a positive light. Could be escorting/briefing media types or briefing senior officers before they're put before the media.

    Medical - does what it says on the tin. Need to already be qualified before joining.

    There are a couple of other branches available which I can't think of at present. Obviously some branches have higher demand than others so you may be encouraged to follow a certain path depending on where the demand is.

    Hope this helps.

    What rank/rate did you leave at?
  8. Chaz, which unit are you thinking of joining?
  9. Hi,
    Thanks for replys. trehorn I will treat the Wafu comment with the contempt it deserves:) I have already signed for med docs etc and they have them. My next stage is to get medical but as I'm offshore at the moment it will have to wait until Dec. Yes I do have to go to Raleigh again and when I did a visit at the unit I was told I also had the option to do the full 10 weeks as if I was joining as a regular. I politely declined! Is it really a year before you get to go to Raleigh, I'm already not sure what I'll learn there really but that does seem along time. I don't think it'll take a year to learn how to do hospital corners to 45° and make a bed block out of my blanket and counter pane etc. Perhaps some new 8's are needed and do I have to give up my Wafu overalls? I also wonder if I were to join the RNR Air branch if I would have to go back to square one. I suspect not. What exactly does this Above water force protection do. Every ship has a SPO team and does gangway watches and has personell for upper deck sentry should it be needed. Does this now mean that the RNR has taken over gangway watches. I would have thought they would mainly deploy to RFA's. In answer to the final question I was an LA(METOC) and the unit I'm considering joining is Dalriada.
  10. Just my (worthless) tuppence worth but it's duvets now and 8's are now 4's :)
  11. What are RM suspenders? 13's?
  12. 6 1/2's, cutbacks dontcha know.
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  13. Chaz, I've tried to send you a pm, but being a numpty, it keeps bouncing. Would you mind pm ing me, and I'll reply with some decent info on various branches, particularly SeaRes (AWFP). Ta
  14. Hey Chaz,

    I would seriously ask DALRIADA again if you need to go to RALEIGH. We have had many ex-RN come through our doors - some who've been out way longer than you and they do not have to do it - WTF is it going to teach you that fourteen years in the MOB didn't? Things haven't changed that much.

    Every ship these days is lean manned so freeing people up to man the small arms is harder than you think. Yes our main customer is the RFA but we sometimes go to RN ships too.

    Good luck with joining mate but seriously ask about RALEIGH - either that or come a couple of hundred miles south and we'll sort you out.
  15. Hello everyone, Im new to this forum, so hopefully I've got this in the right section. Basically I am joining the Navy as an ETME and i am not due to get into Raleigh until Sept 2013!!!!! This is a bit annoying as I want to be in sooner than that!!! My question is, could I join the RNR quicker and do this until they call me up? Im bored of being a spark in civvies street! I want a uniform and an exciting job!!
    thanks in advance!
  16. mmmm, an interesting one.

    Firstly if you did join the RNR you wouldn't do anything particularly exciting in the 10 months before you get called forward. It's very much classroom based turning you from civvy to (part time) sailor for the first 12 months or so. You would get a few weekends in but wouldn't be allowed to do anything such as weapons because you won't have had the training - obviously there's the militarisation and Marinisation weekends where you get an introduction to boat work and weapons I believe but these don't qualify you for anything other than going to RALEIGH.

    It's worth looking at the RNR if you're talking of a 2 year wait or more. A lot can happen in 2 years and if your circumstances change you may want to remain in the RNR.
  17. i see, thanks for the advice, at the moment I work for BAE building the new queen elizabeth class carriers, its ok, but like I say I am super keen to get in the service. I ring the AFCO now and then but so far the only idea of a date is next september which is a bit boring having to wait, the only thing i have been told which might speed up my application is if i were to volunteer to go in as a submariner, but I'm not too keen on that ...
  18. I'm guessing that you're in the Glasgow/edinburgh area. I would suggest that you ask the AFCO their advice and possibly speak with your nearest unit. DALRIADA for GLASGOW or SCOTIA for Edinburgh. The issue is that training you for 12 months will not give the RNR any benefit other than numbers on the books, unless you choose not to go full time. You cannot reach trained strength in 12months in any branch so we can't effectively use you.

    It's not that I don't thinkbits a good idea. I think anyone looking to join full time should be made to join the RNR between passing the entry requirements and being called forward, if nothing else other than to keep their interest and keep the idea that they're joining the RN fresh in their mind. An awful lot can happen in people's lives during that wait.

    Good luck.
  19. nope im in portsmouth, on the navy base! I love it down here, anyway I have literally just got off the phone to my AFCO, turns out I am over half way of my waiting until I can get in, and like you say there wouldn't be much point in training me up for the RNR as i would then just be called up anyway, well i guess i'll just continue as I am, doing electrics on hms lizzie and hitting that gym

    thanks guys for the advice

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