Joining RNR/RMR - Potential Transfer

Good evening all,

I have been reliably directed here for info and hope someone may be able to assist.

I'm after a bit of advice and looking for guidance if possible with regard to a transfer from the Army Reserve to the RNR or RMR.

I am an ex regular soldier and current army reservist, considering a bit of a change and thinking about a transfer. There are a number of reasons why, nothing sinister but primarily due to moving to a different part of the country.

I'm keen to understand options within the RMR having worked with 3 Commando Brigade in the past (although not doing the AACC) additionally I am equally keen to look at opportunities within the RNR as my civilian employment and studies are related to the maritime sector so there may well be transferable skills in areas such as the Maritime Trade Operations branch amongst others. Primarily though I'm looking for an interesting reserve role/unit that requires a bit of drive and motivation.

In general terms I am fairly fit, young enough (although may need a waiver if pursuing the RMR) to have a go at most things and yet old enough to have learnt a bit along the way.

In summary:
  1. Is it possible to transfer directly to the RMR or RNR from the AR?
  2. If so would rank and seniority be impacted?
  3. If so would JPA quals etc transfer over?

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Compliments FT, someone with some definite views and goals on why they want to do it, sensible thoughts on the matter and not what's in it for me - don't think you'll be looking for a smart new suit...sorry can't help you unfortunately with your queries though.

Good luck


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Right - I have been sent here by @soleil to see if I can help. She has kindly pointed me to your posts "next door" as well.

Your direct questions are one for the AFCO, I suspect. I would have thought, however that JPA competencies would be transferred over, where they requirement match. We all breathe in a similar manner, regardless of uniform colour so First Aid, for example would match.

I note your intention, primarily, to go RMR. All well and good. My first steer to you would be in response from your ARRSE post:

I've considered most options and for my sins have even had a chat with the RNR regarding a service transfer. Primarily though I'm looking for a unit that is motivated and ideally with an interesting role.

You should note that RNR units are not trade specific, as you would be used to in the AR. The unit you join is largely for administrative purposes, and carrying out what you would call MATT's. Once we have taught you to march properly your branch take the lead on your annual training. Courses and exercises will be steered by them, not your unit - although, oddly, your unit hold the budget for that training! - some centralisation of administration is planned, but that does not prevent you from attending, in essence, any unit, on a drill night.

I am not clear on your current status, nor if you wish to come to the Senior Service as officer or real worker, that, too, will influence where you might be used. We have both officer only, and rating only branches. Amphibious Warfare, for example is officer only, works with 3 Cdo and might map to your civilian qualifications?

Take away:
You join the unit for admin; you join the branch for action.
Hi BH,

Thanks for responding. Your feedback is appreciated.

Regarding the actual transfer process, your points are well noted. I will of course raise these during discussion with recruiters.

In terms of structure and the relationship with a local unit vs what you do with your branch, your feedback here is very useful and adds context and clarity to some of the conversations that I have had. In relation to my post "next door" this was in relation to the AR structure. In translation to the RNR having a local contact as such and then training with a specific branch would be interesting as I would assume that a group of like minded individuals coming together for specific training would likely have its fair share of motivated bods who are keen to get amongst things. My fear like many others I'm sure is making the effort and giving up free time etc to just "tick a box" and take the money rather than actually achieving something and adding some value.

If I were to transfer/be accepted then my initial thoughts were to join the ranks rather than as an officer. However it has been suggest to me previously that I should consider going for a commission so the thought has crossed my mind. The Amphibious Warfare branch is one that I have considered also, primarily as from what I understand my civilian experience and studies would be a good fit. There are some other branches I have considered also but from what I understand there are changes occurring within the RNR so I'm not sure how that will pan out.

I think now it seems I may need to try and discuss the specifics on each branch in more detail and then go from there.



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If you join on the Lower Deck now you will, almost inevitably be streamed "Sailor First". Ratings will, almost certainly be expected to do a mobilisation on an OPV before selecting a branch and specialising.

If you want to "get amongst things " (your expression) I would suggest six months at sea helming both ship and sea boat would satisfy your requirement.

A loose handful of good reports and a commission will almost be thrust upon you. We now have RNR officers employed afloat in many roles, not sure how much I can put on the interweb.