Joining RNR reserves before Navy-regular?

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1) Does any Officer reserves progress carry over if I want to become a WEO? Do I lose rank and start over? Is it more like leaving RNR then joining Navy regular, or transferring from RNR to regular Navy?

2) What does the 'D' stand for in 'DWEO'?

3) Does joining another branch of HMAF reserves make it more difficult to become a WEO?

I will begin university in September, and I may choose to apply for WEO after graduating. I ask because I'm interested in joining a reserves whilst in uni, though I'm certain I'd pick navy for after graduation. I'd leave whatever reserve and apply to go full-time as a WEO in the RN. If I joined the Army reserves as an officer for 3/4 years until I graduate, would it make things any harder for my desired career in the Navy?

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1) In short, no. You will be treated the same as those with no military experience whatsoever. It is theoretically possible for suitably qualified Reservists to reach trained strength (usually Lt, it takes 3-4 years to reach this point) in the RNR and transfer across to either a very similar branch, or phase 2 training for a new branch. This path is not well trodden, fraught with difficulties and by no means guaranteed but you have nothing to lose from starting training and seeing how far you can get. If nothing else, you will have gained a wealth of experience that will make resitting AIB (yes, this is unfortunately a possibility) and starting INT(O) more bearable.

2. Deputy

3. You're probably better off sticking with the RNR if you're going RN as the experience will be the most relevant and, as mentioned above, transferring is a (very slight) possibility. That said, much of Army/RAF/RN basic training has common elements so anything would be better than nothing. If RAF/Army is more convenient for you to attend while at university then nobody will judge (although they may take the piss) and you might get more out of the training.

If you haven't already, look at bursaries:
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