Joining RNR as an ex bootneck

Hi everyone I'm a currently serving bootneck though my chit is going in next month for personal reasons.

I'm considering joining the RNR when I leave and looking to specialise as a Diver if possible. I would just like to know what this would involve for me being a previously trained rank whether I would need to begin from scratch as there are some differences between the two services.

Any help would be massively appreciated.




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Someone with more / better knowledge should be along soon (Purple Twiglet knows most things RNR and will no doubt be along shortly), but in the meantime...

I don't think that you have to do in-unit new entry training or the 2 week raleigh new entry course as there would be no significant gap from your full time service.

To join the diving branch I think that your are expected to have a civilian diving qualification already.

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Hi Dave

This is a bit of a grey area to be honest. I know of some ex RMR booties who've directly come across as SNCOs, but this was more due to their qualifications (e.g. PTIs) than anything else. It depends what level you're at, and how much 'marinisation' you'd require. Don't know what the score is with divers, I believe it is open to pure civvies, but I'm not sure.

Best thing to do is talk to the careers office, and the local unit where you'd be hoping to join as they'll give you a straight answer.
another angle that you might like to try as well as the above, is to call your nearest RNR Unit, if you pm me with your home I can give you the details. I'm sure they,d like to chat direct to you about joining, and it helps to do all the pre-joing "stuff" before you actually leave Royal.
Good luck

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