Joining RNR after being Discharged From Regular Navy

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Buck_trailor, Apr 7, 2010.

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  1. I was discharged from Royal Navy 2 years ago under "DUDT", whatever that means?..I am now interested in joining my Local RNR..I have been to the Presentation evening and also visited AFCO..Where i have signed to release my medical and termination documents.

    My question is how long do i expect to wait for these documents to be released and what is the likelihood of the RNR accepting me?
  2. that not discharged unsuitable under training? Or something along those lines?
  3. Thank you Zoidberg..!!!! I think it is, or deemed unfit during training, but my main concern is wether they will except me back in the RNR even if i have waited over 24 months which is what they told me was the length i had to wait if i wanted to re enlist in regular navy.
  4. That would be DUUT.

    It's 'during' training.
  5. Good call.
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    If the RN stated 24 months must elapse before re-entry, this includes the RNR.

    Assuming the time has fully elapsed you are technically eligible to apply, despite being DUDT'd. Whether you get approval to be processed to serve in the RNR is at the discretion of the RNR requirements manager.
  7. Thanks ninja

    well its actually been 30 months now, i guess i will just have to wait and see !! is it true at can take 4 weeks for my docs to be released to AFCO??
  8. There is a guy in my RNR unit who was booted out of Raleigh for fighting and told he would have to wait at least 18 months before he could re-apply. He has joined the RNR succesfully, but each case is different.

    As you will have to go to Raleigh for the RNR they may well think that if you were unsuitable then, then why spend that money on someone who is a) not going to be in unit for too long and b) might not make it through....again..

    Just my two cents but wish you well........
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Yep, it used to be the case that people used the Reserves as a back door method of rejoining the RN or RM. Over the years we've seen a fair few individuals who were totally unsuitable.

    Fortunately this has been addressed and those with former service have to gain permission to be processed.

    Med docs & approval to process can add 6 to 8 weeks to the selection process on average.
  10. Thank you all for taking time to reply. Has most definately cleared a few things up. And really appreciate the answers and input..I will still continue with my application and be patient. Thanks again everyone
  11. Is it not the case that currently, due to the recession, the RN can pretty much afford to not re-enlist people who have been previously discharged for any reason?
  12. well its actually been 30 months now.

    Why don't you join the TA instead and transfer later.

    I knew a matelot once who was kicked out in Raleigh at 17 year old. He later joined the TA then joined the army and transfered to the RN later. He ended up a Stoker PO
  13. I now have another "how long?" question.....sorry !!!!

    AFCO Has now recieved my Med Docs from Portsmouth around April this year, and now all Im waiting for is approval to continue my application from RNR but its been 9 weeks !!!!!!!!!!!

    Is this normal and how much longer am i expected to wait before i know wether or not i can continue to join the RNR

    Just seems like im waiting for nothing to happen!!
  14. If your curious, give your AFCO a ring and ask them directly
  15. How longs a piece of string. Really. I've heard such wide variations in how long it should take and how people's cases are handled that I can only surmise that's it depends on whose desk your file lands on.

    Hopefully a suitable decision, both for yourself and the RNR, will be reached. Bear in mind that, like the RN, the Reserves have many recruits at the moment.
  16. Thanks Graf and Part-timer for the replies, I have contacted AFCO every fortnight and they are saying that they are waiting for approval from RNR, and to sit i think i will sit tight ?!? All good things come to those who wait, .. and wait,.. and lol.....thanks again!!
  17. Initial processing will be undertaken by the AFCO, then your file will be passed to CNR who will conduct the med doc check. Once complete your file will be forwarded to the NPT(Res) Requirements Manager for approval to continue the process. In the reply it will state the terms and conditions of service you will be entered on, i.e. requirement to undertake New Entry Training and branch allocation request provided you meet all of the entry criteria including fitness and medical. The time taken can differ depending on how the checks on your med docs and your former service pan out. Hope this helps.
  18. Count yourself lucky you've had a reply....! :evil:

    3 times i've applied to join(FAA RNR). The first time it was explained to me that i was not needed at that time. :? The last two applications haven't even been replied to...!?!

    I know there's a waiting time to all of this, but surely an email reply saying "thanks for your asking", wouldn't be too much to ask?

    Does anyone have an insight into this,please? To be honest though, i'm slowly going off the idea of it all as it's taking so long.

  19. The FAA RNR run their own little empire. All bets are off in that regard. I recommend you use some of the contacts you may have in the FAA (regular or reserve) to make further enquiries. That or consider another branch.
  20. Part timer, have tried several contacts but all to no avail...Can't believe they are blatantly ignoring me. I did contact the General Service RNR but they advised me go back to the FAA RNR. :roll: :roll: :!:

    WRT FAA RNR, I'd have thought a polite "fcuk off, you're not wanted" wouldn't have been too hard for them???!

    Cnuts :evil:


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