Joining RN with previous experiance?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Blackberry, Nov 22, 2010.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    Just a curious question...

    Is it possible to join the RN having experiance in the TA?

    Are there simple ways to transfer to the RN once completed training?

    Would TA Officer Training experiance benifit joining the RN for Officer?

  2. I don't remember you saying that you were in the TA in your earlier posts.

  3. Probably out of place as I am lowly private, but, are you looking to join or transfer?
    And if transfer, from part time to regular Royal Navy?
  5. Your TA experience may assist you at interview, perhaps in establishishing your motivation.

    Apart from that mentioned above, your experience means precisely fuck all.
  6. Yes your experience of TA officer could help at the Sift interview for being selected to attend AIB. There is no way really for you to transferform the TA to full time Navy. But there is nothing to stop you applying. Can I ask how old you are? Also what qualifications you have?

    Good Luck


  7. Hi Guys,

    Just thinking about joining for the TA Soleil! Theres a unit down the road from me (about 20mins) and I'm tempted to try out there for experience (if I were to get in) before I apply for the RN again.

    But if it benefits me through the application process for the RN I suppose its worth I shot. Plus it would be up to twelve months before I go back to the AFCO again with the adequate qualifications!

    SuperMario: I'm 23 and due to graduate in May/June in BA(Hons) Graphic Design.

  8. Blackberry

    Just refresh my memory please.

    Your problem was not having Maths at GCSE, wasn't it?
  9. Blackberry, if you haven't sussed it already, SuperMario, NinjaStoker and Soleil are just about the only people on here whose advice is always trustworthy and reliable. Take all other posters advice with a pinch of salt, and Merlin28's with a bagful.

    Merlin. Firstly, can I ask if you understand the concept of irony? And secondly, can I suggest that you leave the answering of questions such as this to those who have some idea what they are talking about?
  10. Ah a BA in Graphic Design, a qualification every RN occifer needs. However most manage to draw the balls off the lads without one. May help when it comes to painting ships crests though as the RN no longer has Chippies to do this. :oops:
  12. Hiya Soleil,

    Yeah hoping to retake my maths soon after my dissertation hand in. I was just wondering about what preparation I could do to put me in good stead for when I apply again.

    Chances are I will apply to join the RN than the RNR (given the slim chances of getting in due to the cuts) I'm more or less gritting my teeth through the third year at the moment.

    Really though on spelling here! :D
  13. I don't remember you having already applied ..... although I may just be having a blonde moment. What happened?
  14. :D I applied for the RNR in January. Is it true that applying for the RNR or RN is accounted as one RT? I've been told I only have one shot at the RT again. So I have the choice of RNR or RN for the one shot?
  15. So you applied to join the RNR in January but failed the RT?
  16. If you are asking can they use my RT score from when I took it for the RNR and use it against my RN application. Then yes they can use your previous test score or if it was more than 12 months ago and you didn't score high enough for your choosen branch you can retake it to try and score higher if you wish.
  17. If you are going to pick people up for their mistakes, you should at least be polite enough to not make similar mistakes of your own. Furthermore, your answers were so imprecise as to be incapable of being incorrect, but neither were they really very helpful, and certainly not definitive. Yes, one doesn't have to be a recruiting officer to be able to quote PJFT times, or other simple facts, but at least when I do it, I do so by providing a link to the post where someone who knows what they are talking about has given the information. You, on the other hand, appear to be more concerned with cheap point-scoring against lads who are only a few weeks or months behind you in the recruitment process. What you know about the mob isn't worth writing on the back of a packet of fags, let alone giving as an answer to someone who has asked a question is good faith (albeit a bone one, and from what appears to be a bit of a numpty).

    PS. I am in the habit of reviewing my posts prior to pressing the 'Submit' button. I always ask myself "What would Chico do?" before posting, and often decide that the best option is not to post. I am considering revising the question slightly.
  18. Yep... but failed misserably on my Maths which I'm gonna retake early next year
  19. You failed the maths section of the RT?! and you're apparently considering applying to be an officer? I've met some really dense officers but I'm sure all of them could pass their 11 plus exam, which is comparable to the RT. Perhaps you should consider something a little closer to your level? The fast food industry is crying out for people with your talent and obvious ambition, who knows, in a few years you could even have some stars on your badge!

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