Joining RMR

Hi ,

Thought I would say hi - just beginning the process of joining RMR Poole - intial Naval tests booked for 4th June.

Anyone got any tips for training or the RMR in general - I'm looking forward to a challenge!
Hi Benrmr,

I would suggest that you are TOTALLY aware of what is require i.e. Weekends required to do, drill nights and the test weeks.

Also go in to the Selection weekend VERY prepared.... 60 min push-ups, sit ups aimming for 70 - 80 good situps. Pull up min 10 for good scoring.

And aim for 11.5 in the bleep test if you get that.

Plan and Prep mate will do it!

Hope this helps.
dont be put down by the first two weekend exercises ( not incl selection weekend) the first teo weekends you might find a few guys quit well in my troop they did the first two weekrnd is all about lectures abd sleep looking back i found it a drag
You have made the first steps which is great! The positive attitude you seem to have is the way ahead. The big secret of success is to ENJOY it. It will be very normal now & then to think to yourself "f**k this" or " what the f**k am I doing here" but NEVER say it out loud until AFTER you get your Green Beret :wink:

What can you do to prep?
Daily runs - 3 milers
Circuit type training - press ups - sit ups - squats - burpees - *pull ups

Often a neglected exercise,especially for bigger guys. You can work on these in dedicated sets. If your current personal best is 2 pull ups for example try doing 10 sets of 2. You will see a rapid improvement. If you have a pull up bar at home do your max EVERY time you pass it.

Read up on Corps history if you have time and also familiarise yourself with current affairs, what the Corps are doing NOW.

Fitness & positive attitude are the most important however.

Good luck in Poole.

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