Joining RMR/Working on a rotation

Hi all,

I've posted on here before, once again have new circumstances.

Going to be working on a 5 weeks on 5 weeks off rotation (abroad). Can anyone give me the heads up on how flexible initial training can be? Obviously I would have to miss some weekends which probably isnt acceptable.

Seems a great job to have for having plenty time once your in, just getting in the hard bit!

Many thanks
You'd need to discuss this with the parent Unit.
I'd say they'd prefer you to be available on a more regular basis, but give it a shot asking never hurts.
As RMR training from go to whoa takes at least 18 Months you should tske into account that extra time will be involved if your employment situation remains the same.
also bear in mind the possibility of being backtrooped, lots of rmr units are being run with 1 intake and 1 training course throughout the year, if you miss a criteria ex you may get backtrooped, which might be 2 months or a year depending on where your main RMR is based (probably govan?).

as NZ has said probably best to speak to your local RMR unit, explain your circumstances and see whats what.

one other thing to take into considersation, if your away working quite often are you confident of maintaining your phys levels?

you have to progress the same way as the regulars do but do it in your spare time, and it obviously gets harder and harder as you go, do you have the time to commit to that when working abroad?

hope it works out for you


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To be honest it's best to contact the RMR unit direct. ( Bottom left of the page, click on your area)

Without wishing to seem overly pessimistic, my guess is that RMR Recruit Training isn't do-able as troop members will take, on average 18 months to complete training. Two missed weekends usually = back troop.

As stated above, with only one recruit troop a year, my guess is you've maybe just invented perpetual motion, minus the green beret - but again, speak to the unit to verify either way.

Best of luck.

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