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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by MarkBunt, Dec 4, 2006.

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  1. Hi im MarkBunt, im planning on joining the RM, im training hard everyday im working on my press ups, pull ups and sit up as there my weakest area.. can anyone give me any advice or tips about joining the RM?
  2. alrite mate, good on you for considering the RM, its a long hard road ahead of you.

    there is a fair bit of usefull info on the Navy website with a link to the Royal Marines, and there are also lots of other people who have started threads on this issue, so have a look back over previous posts. also has some usefull info on the physical aspect of training, but allways remember Rum Ration is where the best info can be found!
  3. cheers for that mate, current i can do 1.5 in 10.36.. 3mile not tryed yet
    Press ups im shit at these 27 in 2min
    Sits ups 50 in 2min
    Pull ups 2
  4. could i just ask for your opinion on how my training is going at the moment? i am 15 at the moment, 16 in january and wanting to go for the royal marines, could you please tell me how you think i am doing, i am doing 9 overgrasp pullups at current, doing 70 situps in 2 mins, 40 pressups in 2 mins and running 3.5 miles in 27 minutes please give me some advise if there is some room for improvement. thanks!
  5. Tom: You seem to be doing fine. Obviously there's always room for improvement but being a bootneck is about giving 100% all the time. That's what's important.

    You're on the right lines it would seem. Keep it up and if you're determined enough to make the grade, you'll do it.


  6. Hello and welcome

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